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Expanding the genetic code of Escherichia coli with phosphotyrosineFan, ChenguangFEBS Letters2016
Effects of green tea catechins on gramicidin channel function and inferred changes in bilayer propertiesKoeppe II, R. ErdmanFEBS Letters2011
Role of Lysine-195 in the Kmsks Sequence of Escherichia-Coli Tryptophanyl-Transfer-Rna SynthetaseKoeppe II, R. ErdmanFEBS Letters1995
Rapid Kinetics of Membrane-Potential Generation by Cytochrome-C-Oxidase with the Photoactive Ru(ii)-Tris-Bipyridyl Derivative of Cytochrome-C as Electron-DonorMillett, Francis SpencerFEBS Letters1995
A General-Method for the Preparation of Mixed Micelles of Hydrophobic Peptides and Sodium Dodecyl-SulfateGreathouse, Denise V.FEBS Letters1994
The Interaction of Ferredoxin-Linked Sulfite Reductase with FerredoxinDavis, Dan J.FEBS Letters1987
On the Recovery of Cys-Containing Peptides during Peptide-Mapping by Hplc - Tryptic Peptides of Trp-Transfer Rna-Synthetase of Escherichia-ColiKoeppe II, R. ErdmanFEBS Letters1985