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Hapten immobilization for antibody sensing using a dynamic modification protocolBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta2001
Electrochemically generated Ru(bpy)(3)(3+)-based chemiluminescence detection in micellar electrokinetic chromatographyBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta2000
Chemiluminescent detection of amines and amino acids using in situ generated Ru(bpy)(3)(3+) following separation by capillary electrophoresisBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta1998
Development of a bimodal polarimetric response model for improved quantitation of enantiomeric mixtures under conditions of poor chromatographic resolutionBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta1998
Effect of Ph on the Reaction of Tris(2,2'-Bipyridyl)ruthenium(iii) with Amino-Acids - Implications for their DetectionBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta1991
Improvements in the Determination of Penicillin Analogs by Hplc Separation and Laser-Based Polarimetric DetectionBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta1989
Specific Rotation Measurements from Peak Height Data, with a Gaussian Peak ModelBobbitt II, Donald R.Talanta1989
The hydrolysis of 8-acetoxyquinoline.Noyce, William K.Talanta1962