Monodisperse core/shell and other complex structured nanocrystals and methods of preparing the same

by Peng, Xiaogang; Li, Jianqing; Battaglia, David; Wang, Y. Andrew; Wang, Yunjun

Provides new compositions containing nearly monodisperse colloidal core/shell semiconductor nanocrystals with high photoluminescence quantum yields (PL QY), as well as other complex structured semiconductor nanocrystals. New synthetic methods for preparing these nanocrystals, and new devices comprising these compositions are also provided. In addition to core/shell semiconductor nanocrystals, this patent application also provides complex semiconductor nanostructures, quantum shells, quantum wells, doped nanocrystals, and other multiple-shelled semiconductor nanocrystals.

Patent Number
USUS2010171077 A1 2010-07-08
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