Method and apparatus for detection of underivatized amines and amino acids utilizing end column addition of Ru(bpy)32+.

by Bobbitt, Donald R.; Jackson, Warren A.

Disclosed is a method for and an apparatus for detecting amines or amino acids, which apparatus generally includes a capillary electrophoresis separation tube with a post-capillary reactor positioned at the end of the tube to immediately receive separated samples from the tube. The post-capillary reactor includes a solution of Ru(bpy)32+ and buffered with a base. The post capillary reactor further includes an electrode assembly for providing current to the solution to convert nonluminescing Ru(bpy)32+ and to luminescing Ru(bpy)32+. The method generally includes separating the desired analyte from the sample, contacting the analyte with the solution to produce luminescence, and then photometrically measuring the amount of analyte present as a function of the luminescence.

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