Metal Oxide Core-shell Nanoparticles And Applications Thereof

by Chen, Jingyi; Greenlee, Lauren F.; Manso, Ryan H.; Acharya, Prashant; Crane, Cameron C.

In an aspect, a method of making a composite core-shell nanoparticle comprises forming a nanoparticle core comprising nickel oxide or iron oxide via thermal decomposition of a nickel complex or an iron complex; and forming an oxide shell over the core, the oxide shell comprising nickel, iron or a mixture thereof. In another aspect, a method of making composite nanoparticles comprises providing a mixture comprising nickel complex and iron complex; and thermally decomposing the nickel and iron complexes to provide the composite nanoparticles comprising (Ni,Fe)O.sub.x alloy. In yet another aspect, a composition comprises composite nanoparticles, the composite nanoparticles including a nickel oxide core and oxide shell, the oxide shell comprising a mixture of nickel and iron.

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USUS20200362469 A1 2020-11-19
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