Efficient Elimination of Basis Set Superposition Errors by the Local Correlation Method - Accurate Abinitio Studies of the Water Dimer

by Saebø, Svein; Tong, W.; Pulay, Peter

The water dimer has been studied by accurate ab initio calculations. The main purpose of the calculations was to investigate the magnitude of, and how to eliminate the basis set superposition errors at different levels of theory. At the Hartree-Fock level the superposition errors are insignificant with the largest basis sets, and the counterpoise method works well with all the basis sets used in this study. At the correlated level superposition errors are still significant even for very large basis sets, and the standard counterpoise technique leads to overcorrection. The most important result of the present study is that the local correlation methods gives essentially the correct result for the correlation contribution to the association energy even with modest basis sets. The association energy at the MP4(SDQ) level is predicted to be 4.8 kcal/mol. The correlation contribution to the association energy is 1.2 kcal/mol which can be decomposed into an attractive intermolecular contribution of 1.8 kcal/mol and a repulsive intramolecular contribution of 0.6 kcal/mol. Ionic terms contribute about 30% to the dispersion force at the equilibrium distance. If the effect of triple substitutions is taken into account the association energy is estimated to be around 5.1 kcal/mol.

Journal of Chemical Physics
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1089-7690; 0021-9606