Polymer analysis with Fourier transform mass spectrometry

by Borgmann, Sabine; Wilkins, Charles L.

A review. This chapter discusses the use of Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) for anal. of synthetic polymers. It is intended to provide a general background about the technique itself, and a representative profile of the current literature beginning in 2001. Because of the vol. of literature regarding FTMS and polymer anal. and space limitations, necessarily not all articles will be discussed. Section 4.1 begins with an introduction of the topics covered in this chapter. Section 4.2 is a tutorial on FTMS in general, aimed at providing readers fundamental FTMS theory and a basis for understanding the limitations and benefits of FTMS for anal. of polymeric samples. Section 4.3 highlights recent work dedicated to polymers performed on FTMS instruments between 2001 and the present.