Synthesis of colloidal metal chalcogenide nanocrystals

by Peng, Xiaogang; Peng, Zuoyan; Qu, Lianhua

A method of synthesizing colloidal nanocrystals is disclosed using metal oxides or metal salts as a precursor. The metal oxides or metal salts are combined with a ligand and then heated in combination with a coordinating solvent. Upon heating, the metal oxides or salts are converted to stable soluble metal complexes. The metal complexes are formed by cationic species combining with the ligands and/or with the coordinating solvent. Finally, an elemental chalcogenic precursor, for example, Se, Te, or S, is introduced into the soluble metal complex to complete the formation of the nanocrystals at a controllable rate. High-quality CdSe, CdTe, and CdS nanocrystals are produced when CdO is used as the cadmium precursor. With the present method, the size, size distribution, and shape (dots or rods) of the resulting nanocrystals can be controlled during growth. For example, the resulting nanocrystals are nearly monodisperse without any size separation. Further, the method represents a major step towards a green chemistry approach for synthesizing high-quality semiconductor nanocrystals.

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USUS2002066401 A1 2002-06-06
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