Delivery of therapeutic agents by a collagen binding protein

by Ponnapakkam, Tulasi; Philominathan, Sagaya Theresa Leena; Sakon, Joshua; Katikaneni, Ranjitha; Koide, Takaki; Matsushita, Osamu; Gensure, Robert C.; Nishi, Nozomu

Methods of delivering therapeutic agents by administering compositions including a bacterial collagen-binding polypeptide segment linked to the therapeutic agent to subjects in need of treatment with the therapeutic agent are provided. In these methods, the therapeutic agent is not a PTH/PTHrP receptor agonist or antagonist, basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) or epidermal growth factor (EGF). The bacterial collagen-binding polypeptide segment delivers the agent to sites of partially untwisted or under-twisted collagen. Methods of treating collagenopathies using a composition including a collagen-binding polypeptide and a PTH/PTHrP receptor agonist are also provided. In addition, methods of treating hyperparathyroidism, and hair loss using compositions comprising a collagen binding polypeptide and a PTH/PTHrP receptor agonist are provided. Finally, methods of reducing hair regrowth by administering a composition including a collagen binding polypeptide and a PTH/PTHrP receptor antagonist are provided.

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USUS2019249163 A1 2019-08-15
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