Nanodelivery of Cerebrolsyin in combination with neprilysin induces neuroprotection in Alzheimer's Disease pathology following brain injury

by Sharma, Hari Shanker; Muresanu, Dafin F.; Lafuente, Jose Vicente; Patnaik, Ranjana; Tian, Z. Ryan; Ozikzilcik, Asya; Mossier, Herbert; Sharma, Aruna

Our military personnel are often victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) for which no suitable therapeutic measures are available till now. Since neprilysin (NPL) and endogenous enzyme is known to downregulate in TBI and also in Alzheimer's disease (AD), in this innovation we found that nanodelivery of Cerebrolysin using Ti02-nanowired biotechnology together with NPL markedly attenuated brain pathology following TBI. Interestingly, when AD like symptoms were induced by intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of amyloid beta peptide (AP 1-40, 250 ng/10 l) following TBI for 4 weeks exacerbation of brain pathology occurs. In this situation, co-administration of TiO2 nanowired NPL (1 g in 10 ul) and Cerebrolysin (25 l) significantly reduced brain pathology and achieved remarkable neuroprotection. These observations are the first to demonstrate that nanodelivery of cerebrolysin together with NPL is capable to induce AD pathology exacerbated by TBI, not reported earlier.

10th Annual TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo, Held Jointly with the 19th Annual Nanotech Conference and Expo, and the 2016 National SBIR/STTR Conference