Chemical proteomics to the development of natural glycoconjugates towards novel anticancer agents

by Shi, Wei

Bioactive natural products are a rich source of drug candidates and are also important tools for investigating protein function in the post-genomic era. Ipomoeassin F is a representative member of the ipomoeassin family of macrolide resin glycosides. It possesses potent and unique in vitro antitumor activity with IC50 values in the single-digit nanomolar range, more potent than many clin. chemotherapeutic drugs. However, its mode of action is still unknown. We recently accomplished the gram-scale prodn. of ipomoessin F via a robust and flexible route amenable to analog derivatizations. To further harness scientific values of this unique chem. space, we report here the first systematic structure-activity relationship studies of ipomoeassin F to better the understanding of its pharmacophore. This work represents a significant step forward in moving the ipomoeassin family of glycolipids into the field of medicinal chem. and chem. biol.