Truly hierarchical solution synthesis in nanoscale

by Zhang, Tierui; Keeter-Brewer, Mary; Dong, Wenjun; Tian, Z. Ryan

Hierarchical, ordered, and oriented complex nanostructures hold great promises in important applications such as catalysis, separation, solar cell, and nanotherapeutics. We hereby report the rational design and fabrication of these new nanomaterials via low-temperature hydrothermal routes through sequential nucleation and growth processes. Examples will be shown to discuss the selective adsorptions of organoamine and carboxylate on different surfaces of the nanocrystal surface, which would lead to the formation of rich morphologies including nano-wheels, nano-urchins, and nano-castles. This work would help develop new materials and surface chem. that govern the interface bonding or interaction(s) between two differently structured nanoscale building blocks, and shed new light on rational design and application-targeted synthesis of functional materials in nanoscale.