Measured and calculated radiation environments of 170, 600 and 1000-meters from an air equilibrated fission source.

by Meason, J. L.; Harris, D. C.; Luera, T. F.; O'Kuma, J. H.; Flanders, T. M.; Stevens, S. W.

The total radiation environment was measured for a fission source equilibrated by 170, 600 and 1000-m of air over ground. The total radiation environment consisted of the ?-ray spectrum, the n spectrum, the total dose (n + ?) and the ? dose. The fission source was the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Fast Burst Reactor (FBR) positioned on an outdoor pad and operated at a power level of 4 KW (n yield ~1.65 × 1014 n/s). The measured n spectrum is compared to transport calcns. by ANISN and D0T-III.