Foaming systems of nitrile rubber foam-metal gaskets.

by Wang, Xiu-meng; Qiu, Zu-min; Zheng, Nan; Qiu, Jun-ming

The nitrile rubber foam-metal gaskets were prepd. through the liq. method and free foaming process, based on DTA, the efficiency of different foaming agents (AC, OBSH, H, NaHCO3, AK-12, AK-400) used in nitrile rubber was discussed, and the effects of different amts. of foaming agent AC on the coating properties were investigated. The results showed that the burst and initial decompn. temps. of foaming agent had a great effect on the cell structure of the coating. The burst and the initial decompn. temps. of foaming agent AC were matched well with the vulcanization of nitrile rubber. Oxalic acid could lower the decompn. temp. of NaHCO3 effectively, and the borax had the same effect on the foaming agent H. The dispersion performance of foaming agent AC, OBSH and H was good, while of NaHCO3, AK-400 and AK-12 poor. Foaming agent AC was suitable for the foam sealing material, since the foamed coating with 6-8 phr foaming agent AC had closed-cell structure, higher foaming ratio, larger cell d. and better mech. properties.

Hecheng Xiangjiao Gongye
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