Photopatterned noble metal functional surfaces via galvanic replacement reactions on Cu2O thin films.

by Lowe, James M.; Coridan, Robert

Functional surfaces comprised of nano- and microscale patterns of noble metals are of interest for a broad range of catalytic, diagnostic, and optoelectronic applications. These surfaces are fabricated with methods borrowed from the semiconductor industry that are generally cost-prohibitive for the desired applications. In recent work, we have demonstrated that patterned cuprous oxide (Cu2O) thin films can be fabricated via photoelectrodeposition. We will explore the prospects for using photopatterned Cu2O thin films as sacrificial intermediates to be displaced by noble metals via galvanic replacement reactions. We study the mechanism for the displacement of Cu on the surface by the spontaneous redn. of tetrachloroaurate (AuCl4-) ions in aq. solns. We also propose methods to integrate these reactions into a scheme for the local replacement of photopatterned Cu2O as an inexpensive, benchtop method for fabricating lithog. patterned, noble metal-based functional surfaces.