An improved metal cation capture on polymer with graphene oxide synthesized by gamma radiation

by Massoud, A.; Farid, Osama M.; Maree, R. M.; Allan, K. F.; Tian, Z. Ryan

The enhancement of polymer capacity is extremely important for removal of metal ions from their solutions. Herein, we have used graphene oxide nano-sheets with polymer to enhance the polymer capacity towards Sr-2(+) and Co2+ ions. Therefore, poly(acrylamide-acrylic acid)- graphene oxide, p(AM-AA)GO, nanocomposite was prepared with template polymerization technique using gamma radiation as an initiator at radiation dose 40 kGy. The cross-linked p(AM-AA) with/without graphene oxide was emphasized using different analytical techniques such as SEM, FTIR, XRD and TGA. The obtained p(AM-AA)GO nanocomposite and pure polymer were tested for removal of Sr2+ and Co2+ ions from aqueous solution. The results showed that the presence of GO with p(AM-AA) enhanced the adsorption amount from 210 mg/g to 296 mg/g for Co2+ ions while enhanced from 192 mg/g to 260 mg/g for Sr2+ ions. The nature of adsorption was studied using theoretical models such as kinetics and isotherms models. The theoretical models displayed that the adsorption of Sr2+ and Co2+ ions was obeyed to Langmuir isotherm, pseudo second order kinetic. In addition, the thermodynamic estimations was revealed that the adsorption process is irreversible, spontaneous nature and slightly improved with temperature rising.

Reactive and Functional Polymers
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1381-5148; 1873-166X