Synthesis of Au/Ag-CdS hybrid nanostructures as efficient photocatalysts

by Mathurin, Leanne E.; Chen, Shutang; Chen, Jingyi

Metal-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures have attracted considerable attentions due to their unique photophys. and photochem. properties. These properties are closely assocd. with not only the size and shape of each component, but also the interface or interparticle spacing between the two components. Herein, we report a synthetic approach to control the architectures of the Au/Ag-CdS hybrid nanostructures. This approach allows for precisely tuning the size of the Au/Ag and the aspect ratio of the CdS in a Janus structure. The photocatalytic activities of these nanostructures are studied by the photodegrdn. of the org. dyes. We then correlate the morphologies of these hybrid nanostructures with their optical properties and photocatalytic activities.