Mutiple site anticancer activity of a pentapeptide from rice bran

by Kannan, Arvind; Hettiarachchy, Navam S.; Lay, Jackson O.; Liyanage, Rohana

Biocatalysis food-grade optimization to produce bioactive peptides from heat-stabilized defatted rice bran has resulted in a pure pentapeptide having multiple site anticancer activity. Minimal hydrolysis and gastrointestinal juices treatment followed by fractionation resulted in <5 and 5-10kDa fractions that caused growth arrest in colon, breast, lung and liver cancer cell types in vitro. Purifn. from <5kDa fraction involving ion exchange chromatog. followed by reverse phase HPLC resulted in isolating a single peptide that demonstrated enhanced anti-cancer activity, viz. 84% inhibition on colon, 80% on breast and 84% on liver cancer cells. Mass spectrometry anal. and tandem mass spectrometry using post-source decay fragmentation anal. revealed a mass of 685.378Da and sequence Glu-Gln-Arg-Pro-Arg (EQRPR). An efficient and reproducible biocatalytic technol. to utilize underutilized co-product such as rice bran to produce anticancer value-added bioactive peptide has been established. This should promote further research as applicable to food and pharmaceutical industry as a natural ingredient.