Synthesis of 9,10-Di-Substituted-Anthracene 18-Crown-6 Chemosensors and Quartz Surface Modification for the Detection of the Paralytic Shellfish Toxins

by Farris, Ryan; Gawley, Robert E.; Mao, Hua

Saxitoxin (STX), a highly neurotoxic small mol., is the most toxic member of the paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs). Current detection methods are either bulky, expensive, or require loss of animal life. An optical sensor (amenable to on-site detection) that utilizes the principles of mol. recognition and the photo-induced electron transfer (PET) is being developed. The sensor will consist of a quartz slide modified with an anthracene crown ether chemosensor, which can then be incorporated into a portable fluorescence spectrometer for the detection of the PSTs.