Examination of active sites of ß-galactosidases by interactions with galactonoamidine inhibitors.

by Pickens, Jessica B.; Striegler, Susanne

Glycoside hydrolases have been implicated in multiple diseases including, but not limited to, GM1 gangliosidosis or Morquio B disease, Alzheimer's, and Tay-Sachs disease. In an effort to improve knowledge within the glycoside hydrolase enzymes, ß-galactosidases [EC] from various organisms, including fungal (GH-35; ß-galactosidase [A. oryzae]), bacterial (GH-2;ß-galactosidase [E. coli]), and mammal (GH-35; (ß-galactosidase Bovine Liver]), were examd. for competitive inhibition by galactonoamidine inhibitors and their derivs. Hydrophobic interactions were detd. as the main driving force of inhibitor interaction within the active sites of the three selected ß-galactosidases.