Understanding and tuning magnetism in layered Ising-type antiferromagnet FePSe3 for potential 2D magnet

by Basnet, Rabindra; Patel, Taksh; Wang, Jian; Upreti, Dinesh; Chhetri, Santosh Karki; Acharya, Gokul; Nabi, Rafique Un Md; Sakon, Josh; Hu, Jin

Recent development in two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials have motivated the search for new van der Waals magnetic materials, especially Ising-type magnets with strong magnetic anisotropy. Fe-based MPX3 (M = transition metal, X = chalcogen) compounds such as FePS3 and FePSe3 both exhibit an Ising-type magnetic order, but FePSe3 receives much less attention compared to FePS3. This work focuses on establishing the strategy to engineer magnetic anisotropy and exchange interactions in this less-explored compound Through chalcogen and metal substitutions, the magnetic anisotropy is found to be immune against S substitution for Se whereas tunable only with heavy Mn substitution for Fe. In particular, Mn substitution leads to a continuous rotation of magnetic moments from the out-of-plane direction towards in-plane. Furthermore, the magnetic ordering temperature displays non-monotonic doping dependence for both chalcogen and metal substitutions but due to different mechanisms. These findings provide deeper insight into the Ising-type magnetism in this important van der Waals material, shedding light on the study of other Ising-type magnetic systems as well as discovering novel 2D magnets for potential applications in spintronics.

arXiv.org, e-Print Archive, Condensed Matter
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