Development of naturally-derived polymeric nanofibers as a multifunctional tissue scaffold.

by Cole, Parker; Puente, Clara; Bielanin, Julia; Chan, Alice; Sandidge, Bobbie; Omolewu, Abayomi; Tian, Ryan

The integration of biomaterials and nanotechnol. has provided the biomedical community with numerous opportunities to develop novel therapeutic solns. for patients. Naturally-derived polymers, such as alginate, have seen much attention as of late. This biocompatible and cost-efficient polymer can be employed as a tissue scaffold. In this study, we have developed a unique process to produce these fibers at low-cost while maintaining quality. Our efforts have been focused on evaluating the intrinsic properties of our fibers as pertaining to drug release and mech. integrity. Future work will seek to assess and confirm biol. acitivity and compatiblity.