Fusion proteins of collagen-binding domain and parathyroid hormone

by Gensure, Robert C.; Sakon, Joshua; Matsushita, Osamu; Ponnapakkam, Tulasi

Fusion proteins containing active agonist or antagonist fragments of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone related peptide (PTHrP) coupled to a collagen-binding domain are presented. The fusion proteins can be used to promote bone growth, to promote hair growth, to prevent cancer metastasis to bone, to promote immune reconstitution with a bone marrow stem cell transplant, to promote mobilization of bone marrow stem cells for collection for autologous stem cell transplant, and to treat renal osteodystrophy. Pharmaceutical agents comprising a collagen-binding polypeptide segment linked to a non-peptidyl PTH/PTHrP receptor agonist or antagonist are also presented.

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USUS2013337017 A1 2013-12-19
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