Syntheses of heteronanostructures of nanoparticles-on-nanofibers

by Dong, Wenjun; Cogbill, Andrew; Zhang, Tierui; Feng, Shouhua; Tian, Z. Ryan

Hetero-nanostructures such as the nanoparticles-on-nanofibers have attracted much attention due to their unusual integrated functions and the challenge in solution synthesis. Mainly, two methods have been reported to synthesis of nanoparticles-on-nanofibers. One uses organics for assisting the nucleation and growth of nanoparticles for preventing the nanoparticles from any irreversible aggregations. The other involves depositions of nanoparticles on a variety of nanofibers. On this basis, the controlled grafting of catalytic nanoparticles on nanofibers could result in new technologies for applications. Here we report a simultaneous synthesis of a heteronanostructures of Ag nanoparticles on MoO3 nanofibers from a hydrothermal reaction. This one-pot synthesis integrates four synthetic routes, including the reduction of [Na(H2O)2]0.25MoO3, the oxidation of silver ions, the in situ simultaneous growth and the self-organization of Ag nanoparticles on MoO3 nanofibers. Such heteronanostructure's unique photocatalytic applications in environmental cleaning will be discussed in detail in comparison with the anatase TiO2 nanoparticles photocatalyst.