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Accounting Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
African American Studies Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Agricultural Education, Communication and Technology Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Agricultural Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Agricultural Statistics Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Agriculture Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Animal Science Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Anthropology and Archaeology Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Apparel Studies Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Architecture Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
Arkansas Joshua Youngblood 479-575-7251
Art Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
Asian Studies Reference Department 479-575-6645
Audio Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
Biochemistry Lutishoor Salisbury 479-575-8418
Biological Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Biological Sciences Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Biomedical Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Business Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Chemical Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Chemistry Lutishoor Salisbury 479-575-8418
Chinese Language and Literature Reference Department 479-575-6645
Civil Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Classical Studies Beth Juhl 479-575-4665
Communication Molly Boyd 479-575-2962
Communication Disorders Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Composition and Rhetoric Marianne Williams 479-575-7245
Computer Science and Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Counselor Education Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Criminal Justice Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Dance Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
Data Science Lora Lennertz 479-575-7197
Dietetics and Nutrition Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Economics Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Education Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Electrical Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
English and American Literature Molly Boyd 479-575-2962
Entomology Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Environmental Dynamics Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Film and Television Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
Finance Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Food Science Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
French Language and Literature Martha Anderson 479-575-2032
General Reference Norma Johnson 479-575-3498
Geography Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Geosciences Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
German Language and Literature Deb Kulczak 479-575-4811
Government Documents Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
History Joshua Youngblood 479-575-7251
Horticulture Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Hospitality Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Human Development and Family Sciences Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Human Resource and Workforce Development Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Industrial Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Information Systems Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Interior Design Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
International Relations Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Italian Language and Literature Martha Anderson 479-575-2032
Japanese Language and Literature Reference Department 479-575-6645
Jewish Studies Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Journalism Molly Boyd 479-575-2962
Kinesiology Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Landscape Architecture Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
Latin American Studies Phillip J. Jones 479-575-3081
Library Science Mary Gilbertson 479-575-5417
Management Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Marketing Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Mathematics Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Mechanical Engineering Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Medicine Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Microelectronics - Photonics Jay McAllister 479-575-2480
Middle East and Islamic Studies Mary Gilbertson 479-575-5417
Music Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
Native American Studies Tess Gibson 479-575-2925
Nursing Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Philosophy Mary Gilbertson 479-575-5417
Physics Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Physiology Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Plant Pathology Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Plant Sciences Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Political Science Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Poultry Science Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Psychology Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Public Health Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Public Policy Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Public Speaking Marianne Williams 479-575-7245
Recreation and Sports Management Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Rehabilitation Laura Cameron 479-575-5313
Religion Tony Stankus 479-409-0021
Russian Language and Literature Martha Anderson 479-575-2032
Social Work Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Sociology Donna Daniels 479-575-8417
Soils and Environmental Science Necia Parker-Gibson 479-575-8421
Space and Planetary Sciences Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Spanish Language and Literature Martha Anderson 479-575-2032
Supply Chain Management Sarah Spiegel 479-575-8415
Sustainability Stephanie Pierce 479-575-4483
Theatre Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
Video Drew Beisswenger 479-575-5510
World Languages and Literatures Martha Anderson 479-575-2032