Information about Course Reserves

The University of Arkansas Libraries provide print and electronic Course Reserves service in support of the teaching and research activities of the university.

Course Reserves are high-use items that an instructor has selected and requested that the library set aside for a particular group of users. Electronic Reserves (e-reserves) are course reserve items that are converted into digital files and made available to students from any Internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Course reserve materials may include: books, journal articles, sample exams, linked article and sound files, and audio/visual reserves.

Audio materials may be provided for courses in several formats. Physical materials (DVDs, CDs, etc) may be placed on reserve in the Performing Arts and Media Department, electronic versions of recordings may be placed on reserve in the library catalog, you may make course playlists on our streaming services such as Naxos Music Library or Classical Music Library, or you may link recordings from the streaming services to Blackboard.

Course Reserves Resources for Faculty

General information on library course reserves and policies and procedures

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