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Author: Byrne, Michael Patrick

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Thermal denaturations of staphylococcal nuclease wild-type and mutants monitored by fluorescence and circular dichroism are similar: Lack of evidence for other than a two state thermal denaturationBiophysical ChemistryJournal Article2007
Energetics of side chain packing in staphylococcal nuclease assessed by exchange of valines, isoleucines, and leucinesBiochemistryJournal Article2001
Mustard gas crosslinking of proteins through preferential alkylation of cysteinesJournal of Protein ChemistryJournal Article1996
Chemically Cross-Linked Protein Dimers: Stability and Denaturation Effects.Protein ScienceJournal Article1995
Energetic Contribution of Side-Chain Hydrogen-Bonding to the Stability of Staphylococcal NucleaseBiochemistryJournal Article1995
Instrumentation for Automated-Determination of Protein StabilityAnalytical BiochemistryJournal Article1995