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Author: DeHart, John M.

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Photomosaics of the cathodoluminescence of 60 sections of meteorites and lunar samplesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2004
Pyroxene structures, cathodoluminescence and the thermal history of the enstatite chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
A Compositional Classification Scheme for Meteoritic ChondrulesNatureJournal Article1992
Chemical and Physical Studies of Chondrites .10. Cathodoluminescence and Phase-Composition Studies of Metamorphism and Nebular Processes in Chondrules of Type-3 Ordinary ChondritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1992
A Compositional Classification for ChondrulesMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Cathodoluminescence Properties of St Marys County, a Type 3.3 Ordinary Chondrite, Compared with Other Type 3 Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1989
Chondrule Mesostasis Cathodoluminescence and Composition - Implications for (1) Metamorphism and Aqueous Alteration in Low Type-3 Ordinary Chondrites and (2) Selection Effects in Chondrule StudiesMeteoriticsAbstract1989
Induced Thermoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence Studies of Meteorites - Relevance to Structure and Active-Sites in FeldsparSpectroscopic Characterization of Minerals and Their SurfacesBook Section1989
Cathodoluminescence Study of the Fayetteville and Plainview Gas-Rich Regolith BrecciasMeteoriticsAbstract1988
Sodium Enriched Luminescent Chondrule Mesostasis Rims in the Unequilibrated Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1988
The Metamorphic History of Ordinary Chondrites According to CathodoluminescenceMeteoriticsAbstract1985
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .4. Annealing Studies of a Type-3.4 Ordinary Chondrite and the Metamorphic History of MeteoritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1985