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Author: Ferguson-Miller, Shelagh

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Mutants of the Cu-A site in cytochrome c oxidase of Rhodobacter sphaeroides: II. Rapid kinetic analysis of electron transferBiochemistryJournal Article2002
Use of photoactivated ruthenium complexes to measure electron transfer in cytochrome bc(1) and cytochrome oxidase.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2000
Cytochrome oxidase: Energy generator of aerobic lifeFASEB JournalAbstract1999
Definition of the interaction domain for cytochrome c on cytochrome c oxidase - II. Rapid kinetic analysis of electron transfer from cytochrome c to Rhodobacter sphaeroides cytochrome oxidase surface mutantsJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article1999
The role of Arg482 in electron transfer and proton pumping of Rhodobacter sphaeroides cytochrome c oxidaseBiophysical JournalAbstract1999
Definition of interaction domain for the reaction of cytochrome c with Rb-sphaeroides cytochrome c oxidaseBiophysical JournalAbstract1998
The binuclear character of CuA in cytochrome C oxidase is important for electron transfer, not for proton pumpingBiophysical JournalAbstract1997