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Author: Kim, Yun Ho

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
Excluded volume effects upon protein stability in covalently crosslinked proteins with variable linker lengthsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2008
Effects of excluded volume upon protein stability in covalently cross-linked proteins with variable linker lengthsBiochemistryJournal Article2008
Oxidation of buried cysteines is slow and an insignificant factor in the structural destabilization of staphylococcal nuclease caused by H2O2 exposureAmino AcidsJournal Article2004
Comparing the effect on protein stability of methionine oxidation versus mutagenesis: steps toward engineering oxidative resistance in proteinsProtein EngineeringJournal Article2001
Altering the sensitivity of protein to oxidative damageBiophysical JournalAbstract1998