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Author: Metz, Kenneth R.

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Thallium Nmr-SpectroscopyProgress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyJournal Article1988
A Solid-State Ti-205 NMR-Study of the TL+-Lasalocid and TL+-Gramicidin ComplexesJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1985
Ti-205, N-14, and H-1-Nmr Studies of Thallium Salt-Solutions in Liquid MethylamineJournal of Physical ChemistryJournal Article1985
Tl-205 Nmr-Study of Thallous Formate and Acetate in the Melt and Solid-StateJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1983
The Chemical-Shift Anisotropy of Tl-205 in a Covalent Bonding EnvironmentJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1983
Tl-205 Nmr-Studies of the Tl(I) Ion Complexation by Gramicidin in Non-Aqueous and Micelle SolutionsPure and Applied ChemistryJournal Article1982
Tl-205 Nmr-Study of Thallium Perchlorate in the Solid-StateJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1982
Direct Measurement of the Chemical-Shift Anisotropy of Tl-205 Using the Matrix-Isolation Technique - the T1/K/No3 SystemJournal of the American Chemical SocietyJournal Article1982
An Analog Transient Recorder-Computer Interface for Solid-State Nmr-SpectroscopyJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1981
Non Empirical Quantum-Mechanical Calculations of the H-1, C-13, N-15, and O-17 Magnetic Shielding Constants and of the Spin-Spin Coupling-Constants in Formamide, Hydrated Formamide and N-MethylformamideTheoretica Chimica ActaJournal Article1981
A TL-205 NMR-Study of the Thallium(I)-Valinomycin Complex in the Solid-StateJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1981
N-14 Nmr-Studies of Thallium Nitrate Solutions in Liquid-AmmoniaJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1981
An Nmr-Study of Thallium Nitrate Ion Association in Liquid-AmmoniaJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1980
Ti-205 Nmr-Studies - Ion-Pairing of Ti+ and (Ch3)2ti+ with No-3(-) and Cio-4(-) in Various SolventsJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1979