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Author: Schichtl, Zebulon G.

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
Modular Solar-to-Fuel Electrolysis at Low Cell Potentials Enabled by Glycerol Electrooxidation and a Bipolar Membrane SeparatorACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2023
Characterizing the Solvent-Induced Inversion of Colloidal Aggregation During Electrophoretic DepositionAdvanced Materials InterfacesJournal Article2023
Solvent-induced inversion of colloidal aggregation during electrophoretic deposition.ChemRxivJournal Article2022
Characterizing Sustained Solar-to-Hydrogen Electrocatalysis at Low Cell Potentials Enabled by Crude Glycerol OxidationACS Applied Energy MaterialsJournal Article2022
Electrooxidation of Glycerol on Self-Organized, Mixed Au-Pt Interfaces Formed on Ni SubstratesJournal of the Electrochemical SocietyJournal Article2020
Quaternary Core-Shell Oxynitride Nanowire Photoanode Containing a Hole-Extraction Gradient for Photoelectrochemical Water OxidationACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2019
Enhanced Electrochemical Stability of TiO2-Protected, Al-doped ZnO Transparent Conducting Oxide Synthesized by Atomic Layer DepositionACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2018
Characterizing the structural overpotentials induced by bubble evolution during water electrolysis on spatially-distributed electrocatalyst-semiconductor interfaces.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2017
Inhibition of Tafel Kinetics for Electrolytic Hydrogen Evolution on Isolated Micron Scale Electrocatalysts on Semiconductor InterfacesACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2016