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Author: Thoma, John A.

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Methods of treatmentUS6890527Patent2005
Method of producing active immunity with vaccine conjugateEP0951299 (B1)Patent2004
Method of treatmentUS6440408Patent2002
Vaccine conjugateEP0755684 (B1)Patent2001
Method of treatmentUS6299874Patent2001
Method of treating viral diseases in animalsUS6136319Patent2000
Method of treating viral diseases in animalsUS5871748Patent1999
Efficacy of a novel infectious bursal disease virus immune complex vaccine in broiler chickensAvian DiseasesJournal Article1997
Vaccine conjugate for treatment of avian diseasesEP0495008 (B1)Patent1997
Determination of optimum formulation of a novel infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) vaccine constructed by mixing bursal disease antibody with IBDVAvian DiseasesJournal Article1995
Adaptation of the Mtt (3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-Yl)-2,5-Diphenyl Tetrazolium Bromide) Assay for the Determination of Virus-Neutralizing Antibodies using the Virus-Neutralization AssayAvian DiseasesJournal Article1994
Low Molecular Weight Antiviral FactorsCA1330529 (C)Patent1994
Action Spectrum of Antiviral Factor from Chicken SeraPoultry ScienceJournal Article1991
Antiviral Substances in Chicken SerumFASEB JournalConference Proceedings1988
Transfer of Blood-Lymphocytes and Macrophages between Histocompatible Progressor and Regressor Chickens Infected with Rous-Sarcoma VirusJournal of the National Cancer InstituteJournal Article1986
Stimulation of Progressor and Regressor Chicken Leukocytes with Con-A, Pha-P, and Rous-Sarcoma Tumor-AntigensAvian DiseasesJournal Article1984
Time Course of Production of Low-Molecular Weight Viral-Neutralizing Substance(s) in ChickensImmunogeneticsJournal Article1983
Antiviral Substances in Chicken Sera Possessing Activity Against Rous-Sarcoma Virus and Newcastles Disease VirusPoultry ScienceConference Proceedings1983
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Double Inhibition StudiesEuropean Journal of BiochemistryJournal Article1982
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - use of Subsite Map to Simulate Complete Time Course of Hydrolysis of a Polymeric SubstrateArchives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsJournal Article1979
Model for Carbohydrase Action - Aspergillus-Oryzae-Alpha-Amylase Degradation of MaltotrioseBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Multimolecular Substrate Reactions Catalyzed by Carbohydrases - Aspergillus-Oryzae-Alpha-Amylase Degradation of MaltooligosaccharidesBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Action Pattern and Subsite Map of Streptococcus-Mutans Ki-R DextranaseCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1978
Repetitive Attack by Aspergillus-Oryzae Alpha-AmylaseCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1978
Characterization and Serology of Matrix Protein from a Nuclear-Polyhedrosis Virus of Trichoplusia-Ni before and After Degradation by an Endogenous ProteinaseBiochemical JournalJournal Article1977
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Predicting Time Course of HydrolysisFederation ProceedingsConference Proceedings1977
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Application of Depolymerase Computer Model to 2 Alpha-AmylasesBiochemical JournalJournal Article1976
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Depolymerase Computer ModelingBiochemical JournalJournal Article1976
Models for Depolymerizing Enzymes - Application to Alpha-AmylasesBiopolymersJournal Article1976
Models for Depolymerizing Enzymes - Criteria for Discrimination of ModelsCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1976
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Collecting and Processing Experimental-Data - Case-Study of an Amylase-Malto-Oligosaccharide SystemCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1976
Amylases as Transglycosylases - Shifted Substrate Binding and Multiple Transglycosylation ReactionsFederation ProceedingsConference Proceedings1976
Alkaline Protease Associated with Matrix Protein of a Virus Infecting Cabbage-LooperBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article1975
Stable Lysozyme Cello-Oligosaccharide ComplexesCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1974
Interaction of Beta-Amylase with Substrates and Inhibitors with Comments on Koshlands Induced-Fit Theory - ReplyEuropean Journal of BiochemistryJournal Article1974
Separation of Factors Responsible for Lysozyme CatalysisJournal of Theoretical BiologyJournal Article1974