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Author: Wang, Tengjiao

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Biocompatible, Injectable Anionic Hydrogels Based on Poly(Oligo Ethylene Glycol Monoacrylate-co-Acrylic Acid) for Protein DeliveryAdvanced TherapeuticsJournal Article2019
Enhanced Photothermal Treatment Efficacy and Normal Tissue Protection via Vascular Targeted Gold NanocagesNanotheranosticsJournal Article2019
Magnetic Nanoparticle Anchored Deep Eutectic Solvents as a Catalyst for the Etherification and Amination of NaphtholsAdvanced Synthesis and CatalysisJournal Article2018
Versatility of targeted antibiotic-loaded gold nanoconstructs for the treatment of biofilm-associated bacterial infectionsInternational Journal of HyperthermiaJournal Article2018
Rapid Deposition of Uniform Polydopamine Coatings on Nanoparticle Surfaces with Controllable ThicknessLangmuirJournal Article2017