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Toward the synthesis of antascomicin B. Synthesis of a model of the C22-C34 fragment via Ireland-Claisen and allylic diazene rearrangementsMcIntosh, Matt C.Tetrahedron2008
Structural studies of {Li-6} 2-lithiopyrrolidines using NMR spectroscopyGawley, Robert E.Tetrahedron2005
New aspects of the Ireland and related Claisen rearrangementsMcIntosh, Matt C.Tetrahedron2002
A simple C-13 NMR method for determination of the relative stereochemistry of 2,3-dialkylpentenoic acids and related compoundsMcIntosh, Matt C.Tetrahedron2001
Surging Effects in Superimposed Normal VibrationsSchäfer, LotharTetrahedron1974