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Sustaining redox-magnetohydrodynamics (R-MHD) microfluidics by switching oppositely-polarized permanent magnets: Synchronized activation and automationFritsch, IngridSensors and Actuators B-Chemical2021
Electropolymerized eugenol: Evaluation as a protective film for oxygen sensingPaul, David W.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical2013
Manipulating fluid flow on a chip through controlled-current redox magnetohydrodynamicsFritsch, IngridSensors and Actuators B-Chemical2012
In situ calibrated oxygen electrodePaul, David W.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical2005
An electronic oscillator with automatic gain control: EQCM applicationsPaul, David W.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical1996
Instrumentation for Simultaneous Measurement of Double-Layer Capacitance and Solution Resistance at a Qcm ElectrodePaul, David W.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical1994