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The effect of beta-cyclodextrin on liquid chromatography/electrospray-mass spectrometry analysis of hydrophobic drug moleculesStenken, Julie AnnJournal of Chromatography A2007
Characterization of metal affinity of green fluorescent protein and its purification through salt promoted, immobilized metal affinity chromatographySakon, JoshJournal of Chromatography A2001
Gas chromatography with Fourier transform infrared and mass spectral detectionWilkins, Charles L.Journal of Chromatography A1999
Gas chromatography with spectroscopic detectorsWilkins, Charles L.Journal of Chromatography A1999
Chromatographic Analysis of Antibiotic Materials in FoodBobbitt II, Donald R.Journal of Chromatography1992
Linear-Model for the Determination of Solvent Strength Parameters in Liquid Solid ChromatographyBobbitt II, Donald R.Journal of Chromatography1988
Resolution of Linear Gramicidins by Preparative Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid-ChromatographyKoeppe II, R. ErdmanJournal of Chromatography1981