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Author: Chevrier, Vincent Francois

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Thermodynamic modeling of calcium or magnesium chloride, chlorate, and perchlorate ternary mixtures deliquescence at Mars-relevant temperaturesIcarusJournal Article2024
Detection of dsrAB operon expression in Desulfotalea psychrophila cells subjected to simulated Martian conditions of temperature and regolith's sulphate minerals compositionInternational Journal of AstrobiologyJournal Article2023
Pluto's surface mapping using unsupervised learning from nearinfrared observations of LEISA/, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2023
Floating Liquid Droplets on the Surface of Cryogenic Liquids: Implications for Titan RainACS Earth and Space ChemistryJournal Article2023
Pluto's Surface Mapping Using Unsupervised Learning from Near-infrared Observations of LEISA/RalphPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2023
Discrepancy in Grain Size Estimation of H2O Ice in the Outer Solar System.Research in Astronomy and AstrophysicsJournal Article2023
Experimental Constraints on Deliquescence of Calcium Perchlorate Mixed with a Mars Regolith AnalogPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2022
Discrepancy in grain size estimation of H2O ice in the outer solar system and the interstellar, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2022
Uncertainty in Grain Size Estimations of Volatiles on Trans-Neptunian Objects and Kuiper Belt ObjectsAstronomical JournalJournal Article2022
Thermodynamic modelling of perchlorate/chloride and perchlorate/chlorate deliquescence at Mars-relevant temperaturesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2022
Water uptake by chlorate salts under Mars-relevant conditionsIcarusJournal Article2022
Investigation of the morphology and interpretation of Hekla Cavus, PlutoIcarusJournal Article2021
Martian Mantle Heat Flow Estimate From the Lack of Lithospheric Flexure in the South Pole of Mars: Implications for Planetary Evolution and Basal MeltingGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2021
Carbonate-Phyllosilicate Parageneses and Environments of Aqueous Alteration in Nili Fossae and MarsJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2021
Uncertainty in grain size estimations of volatiles on trans-neptunian objects (TNOs) and kuiper belt objects (KBOs), e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2021
Thermophysical and compositional analyses of dunes at Hargraves crater,, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2021
Thermophysical and Compositional Analyses of Dunes at Hargraves Crater, Mars.Planetary Science JournalJournal Article2021
Voluminous Silica Precipitated from Martian Waters during Late-stage Aqueous AlterationPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2021
Global Temporal and Geographic Stability of Brines on Present-day MarsPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2020
Stratification Dynamics of Titan's Lakes via Methane Evaporation.Planetary Science JournalJournal Article2020
Experimental Investigation of the Acetylene-Benzene Cocrystal on TitanPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2020
Geochemical and spectral characterization of an altered Antarctic dolerite: Implications for recent weathering on MarsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2020
Stability of pyrrhotite under experimentally simulated Venus conditionsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2020
Distribution and habitability of (meta)stable brines on present-day MarsNature AstronomyJournal Article2020
Experimental study of ethylene evaporites under titan, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2020
Pressure and temperature dependence of solubility and surface adsorption of nitrogen in the liquid hydrocarbon bodies on, e-Print Archive, Condensed MatterJournal Article2020
Solubility of Nitrogen in Methane, Ethane, and Mixtures of Methane and Ethane at Titan-Like Conditions: A Molecular Dynamics StudyACS Earth and Space ChemistryJournal Article2020
Investigation into the radar anomaly on Venus: The effect of Venus conditions on bismuth, tellurium, and sulfur mixturesIcarusJournal Article2020
Nitrogen Exsolution and Bubble Formation in Titan's LakesGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2019
Compressional Ridges on Baret Montes, Pluto as Observed by New HorizonsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2019
Experimental Study of Ethylene Evaporites under Titan ConditionsACS Earth and Space ChemistryJournal Article2019
Solubility of nitrogen in methane, ethane, and mixtures of methane and ethane at Titan-like conditions: a molecular dynamics, e-Print Archive, Condensed MatterJournal Article2019
The Physical Origin of the Venus Low Atmosphere Chemical GradientAstrophysical JournalJournal Article2019
Report of the Joint Workshop on Induced Special Regions42nd Scientific Assembly of the Committee-on-Space-Research (COSPAR)Conference Paper2019
Recent Advancements and Motivations of Simulated Pluto ExperimentsSpace Science ReviewsJournal Article2018
Dynamics of Growth, Cell Division, and Phenotypic Switching Ofescherichia Coliat Elevated Concentration of Magnesium SulfateBiophysical JournalAbstract2018
Petrogenesis of martian sulfides in the Chassigny meteoriteAmerican MineralogistJournal Article2018
Constraining the Potential Liquid Water Environment at Gale Crater, MarsJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2018
Adsorption driven regolith-atmospheric water vapor transfer on Mars: An analysis of Phoenix TECP dataIcarusJournal Article2018
Freezing of perchlorate and chloride brines under Mars-relevant conditionsGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2017
Experimental determination of acetylene and ethylene solubility in liquid methane and ethane: Implications to Titan's surfaceGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2017
Experimental reflectance study of methane and ethane ice at Titan's surface conditionsAstrophysics and Space ScienceJournal Article2017
Spectral analysis of Deccan intrabasaltic bole beds: Implications for the formation and alteration of phyllosilicates on MarsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2017
Formation of liquid water at low temperatures via the deliquescence of calcium chloride: Implications for Antarctica and MarsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2016
Transport processes induced by metastable boiling water under Martian surface conditionsNature GeoscienceJournal Article2016
Acetylene on Titan's SurfaceAstrophysical JournalJournal Article2016
A revised calibration function and results for the Phoenix mission TECP relative humidity sensorJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2016
Near-infrared spectra of liquid/solid acetylene under Titan relevant conditions and implications for Cassini/VIMS detectionsIcarusJournal Article2016
Mineralogical record of the redox conditions on early MarsIcarusJournal Article2016
Revisiting the Phoenix TECP data: Implications for regolith control of near-surface humidity on MarsIcarusJournal Article2015
Near- and mid-infrared reflectance spectra of hydrated oxychlorine salts with implications for MarsJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2015
Effect of evaporation and freezing on the salt paragenesis and habitability of brines at the Phoenix landing siteEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2015
Experimental constraints on the composition and dynamics of Titan's polar lakesEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2015
A Noachian source region for the "Black Beauty" meteorite, and a source lithology for Mars surface hydrated dust?Earth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2015
Transient liquid water and water activity at Gale crater on MarsNature GeoscienceJournal Article2015
Laboratory studies of perchlorate phase transitions: Support for metastable aqueous perchlorate solutions on Mars (vol 312, pg 371, 2011)Earth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2014
Spectroscopy and detectability of liquid brines on marsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2014
Formation of aqueous solutions on Mars via deliquescence of chloride-perchlorate binary mixturesEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2014
A New Analysis of Mars "Special Regions": Findings of the Second MEPAG Special Regions Science Analysis Group (SR-SAG2)AstrobiologyJournal Article2014
Reflectance spectra of hydrated chlorine salts: The effect of temperature with implications for EuropaJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2014
Deliquescence and efflorescence of calcium perchlorate: An investigation of stable aqueous solutions relevant to MarsIcarusJournal Article2014
Identification of the perchlorate parent salts at the Phoenix Mars landing site and possible implicationsIcarusJournal Article2014
Experimental investigation into the effects of meteoritic impacts on the spectral properties of phyllosilicates on MarsJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2013
A facility for simulating Titan's environmentAdvances in Space ResearchJournal Article2013
A geological characterization of Ligeia Mare in the northern polar region of TitanPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2013
Geochemical Consequences of Widespread Clay Mineral Formation in Mars' Ancient CrustSpace Science ReviewsJournal Article2013
Volatile Trapping in Martian ClathratesSpace Science ReviewsJournal Article2013
Application of planetary analog mechanical properties to subsurface geological investigationsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2012
Evaluating the role of sulfide-weathering in the formation of sulfates or carbonates on MarsGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2012
Experimental simulations of CH4 evaporation on TitanGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2012
Formation of recurring slope lineae by liquid brines on present-day MarsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2012
Chlorate salts and solutions on MarsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2012
Jarosite in a Pleistocene East African saline-alkaline paleolacustrine deposit: Implications for Mars aqueous geochemistryJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2011
Sulfide petrology of four nakhlites: Northwest Africa 817, Northwest Africa 998, Nakhla, and Governador ValadaresMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2011
Laboratory studies of perchlorate phase transitions: Support for metastable aqueous perchlorate solutions on MarsEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2011
Liquid water on Mars? Laboratory studies of low temperature, metastable perchlorate phase transitionsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2011
Methane on Mars: Current observations, interpretation, and future plans PrefacePlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2011
Sublimation kinetics of CO2 ice on MarsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2010
Noachian and more recent phyllosilicates in impact craters on MarsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaJournal Article2010
Penetration testing for the Optical Probe for Regolith Analysis (OPRA)Advances in Space ResearchJournal Article2010
Dynamic Temperature Fields under Mars Landing Sites and Implications for Supporting Microbial LifeAstrobiologyJournal Article2010
Mineralogical characterization of acid weathered phyllosilicates with implications for secondary martian depositsGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2010
Thermal alteration of nontronite and montmorillonite: Implications for the martian surfaceIcarusJournal Article2010
Experimental study of the effect of wind on the stability of water ice on Mars (vol 196, pg 477, 2008)IcarusJournal Article2010
Stability of perchlorate hydrates and their liquid solutions at the Phoenix landing site, MarsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2009
Stability of perchlorate hydrates and their liquid solutions at the Phoenix landing site, Mars (vol 36, art no L10202, 2009)Geophysical Research LettersJournal Article2009
Viscosity of liquid ferric sulfate solutions and application to the formation of gullies on MarsJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2009
Sulfate reduction: a model for subsurface Martian lifeAstronomical Society of the Pacific Conference SeriesJournal Article2009
Experimental investigation of the stability and evaporation of sulfate and chloride brines on MarsEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2009
Experimental simulation of martian gully formsPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2009
Magnetic classification of stony meteorites: 2. Non-ordinary chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2008
Primitive materials on asteroidsMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2008
Stability of ice on Mars and the water vapor diurnal cycle: Experimental study of the sublimation of ice through a fine-grained basaltic regolithIcarusJournal Article2008
Experimental study of the sublimation of ice through an unconsolidated clay layer: Implications for the stability of ice on Mars and the possible diurnal variations in atmospheric waterIcarusJournal Article2008
Experimental study of the effect of wind on the stability of water ice on MarsIcarusJournal Article2008
Low temperature aqueous ferric sulfate solutions on the surface of MarsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2008
Sublimation rate of ice under simulated Mars conditions and the effect of layers of mock regolith JSC Mars-1Geophysical Research LettersJournal Article2007
Early geochemical environment of Mars as determined from thermodynamics of phyllosilicatesNatureJournal Article2007
On the origin of gypsum in the Mars north polar regionJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2007
Sulfate reduction: A model for subsurface martian lifeAstrobiologyAbstract2007
Methane clathrate hydrates as a potential source for martian atmospheric methanePlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2007
Mineralogy and evolution of the surface of Mars: A reviewPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2007
Spectral characterization of weathering products of elemental iron in a Martian atmosphere: Implications for Mars hyperspectral studiesPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2006
Magnetism, iron minerals, and life on MarsAstrobiologyJournal Article2006
Magnetic study of an Antarctic weathering profile on basalt: Implications for recent weathering on MarsEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2006
Iron weathering products in a CO2+(H2O or H2O2) atmosphere: Implications for weathering processes on the surface of MarsGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article2006