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Author: Emran, Al

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
Pluto's surface mapping using unsupervised learning from nearinfrared observations of LEISA/, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2023
Surface composition of Pluto's Kiladze area and relationship to cryovolcanismIcarusJournal Article2023
Pluto's Surface Mapping Using Unsupervised Learning from Near-infrared Observations of LEISA/RalphPlanetary Science JournalJournal Article2023
Discrepancy in Grain Size Estimation of H2O Ice in the Outer Solar System.Research in Astronomy and AstrophysicsJournal Article2023
Uncertainty in Grain Size Estimations of Volatiles on Trans-Neptunian Objects and Kuiper Belt ObjectsAstronomical JournalJournal Article2022
Discrepancy in grain size estimation of H2O ice in the outer solar system and the interstellar, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2022
Uncertainty in grain size estimations of volatiles on trans-neptunian objects (TNOs) and kuiper belt objects (KBOs), e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2021
Thermophysical and compositional analyses of dunes at Hargraves crater,, e-Print Archive, AstrophysicsJournal Article2021
Thermophysical and Compositional Analyses of Dunes at Hargraves Crater, Mars.Planetary Science JournalJournal Article2021
Semiautomated Identification and Characterization of Dunes at Hargraves Crater, MarsEarth and Space ScienceJournal Article2020