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Author: Keck, Bradly D.

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Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .8. Thermo-Luminescence and Metamorphism in the Co ChondritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1987
Anomalous Fading of Thermo-Luminescence in MeteoritesJournal of LuminescenceJournal Article1986
Cathodoluminescence of the Co ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1986
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .7. Annealing Studies of the Dhajala H3.8 Chondrite and the Thermal History of Chondrules and ChondritesEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article1986
An Annealing Study of Dhajala, an H3.8 Chondrite, and Application to the Palaeothermometry of MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1985
The Colony Meteorite and Variations in Co3 Chondrite PropertiesMeteoriticsJournal Article1985
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .4. Annealing Studies of a Type-3.4 Ordinary Chondrite and the Metamorphic History of MeteoritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1985
Thermo-Luminescence and the Shock and Reheating History of Meteorites .2. Annealing Studies of the Kernouve MeteoriteGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1984
Thermo-Luminescence as a PaleothermometerMeteoriticsAbstract1984
The Colony Meteorite and the Possible Existence of a New Chemical Subgroup of Co3 ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1984
Thermo-Luminescence as a PaleothermometerNatureJournal Article1984