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Electrocatalytic redox neutral [3+2] annulation of N-cyclopropylanilines and alkenesZheng, NanChemical Science2021Find It
Nonionic Surfactant Blends to Control the Size of Microgels and Their Catalytic Performance during Glycoside HydrolysesStriegler, SusanneACS Catalysis2020Find It
Rh/TiO2-Photocatalyzed Acceptorless Dehydrogenation of N-Heterocycles upon Visible-Light IlluminationZheng, NanACS Catalysis2020Find It
Tailored Interactions of the Secondary Coordination Sphere Enhance the Hydrolytic Activity of Cross-Linked MicrogelsStriegler, SusanneACS Catalysis2019Find It
Visible-Light-Mediated Photocatalytic Aerobic Dehydrogenation of N-heterocycles by Surface-Grafted TiO2 and 4-amino-TEMPOZheng, NanACS Catalysis2019Find It
Biomimetic Glycoside Hydrolysis by a Microgel Templated with a Competitive Glycosidase InhibitorStriegler, SusanneACS Catalysis2018Find It
Modulating the Catalytic Performance of an Immobilized Catalyst with Matrix Effects - A Critical EvaluationStriegler, SusanneACS Catalysis2018Find It
A Photocatalyzed Synthesis of Naphthalenes by Using Aniline as a Traceless Directing Group in [4+2] Annulation of Amino-benzocyclobutenes with AlkynesZheng, NanACS Catalysis2017Find It