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This bibliography of faculty publications from the University of Arkansas, Department of Physics is a continuation of the Centennial Collection of Physics Faculty Publications created by Usha Gupta at the time of the Department's centennial celebration in 2007.

Our focus for this collection has been on journal article publications produced while the faculty member was a part of the UA Physics Department and should not be considered a complete listing of the individual's scholarly output.

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Anderson, Richard J.
Barraza-Lopez, Salvador
Bellaiche, Laurent
Carmichael, Howard J.
Chakhalian, Jacques
Chan, Fui T.
Churchill, Hugh
Clayton, Glen T.
Crofutt, Charles B.
Day, Stephen M.
Fu, Huaxiang
Gea-Banacloche, Julio
Gea-Banacloche, Julio R.
Gupta, Rajendra
Ham, Lloyd B.
Harter, William G.
Harvalik, Zaboj V.
Hermann, Allen M.
Herzog, Joseph
Hobson, Arthur S.
Hu, Jin
Hughes, Raymond H.
Kennefick, Daniel
Kennefick, Julia
Kumar, Pradeep
Lacy, Claud H.
Lehmer, Bret
Li, Jiali
Lieber, Michael
Milonni, Peter W.
Oliver III, William F.
Parsons, Samuel R.
Pederson, Donald O.
Prosandeev, Sergey
Richardson, Charles B.
Roberds, Wesley M.
Robinson, Berol L.
Salamo, Gregory J
Salamo, Gregory J.
Schwartz, Herman M.
Sergey Prosandeev
Sergey, Prosandeev
Sharrah, Paul C.
Sheng, Zhengzhi
Shew, Woodrow
Singh, Surendra
Singh, Surendra P.
Stewart, Gay
Stewart, John
Thibado, Paul
Vyas, Reeta
Wang, Yong
Xiao, Min
Zinke, Otto H.