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Author: Benoit, Paul H.

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Photomosaics of the cathodoluminescence of 60 sections of meteorites and lunar samplesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2004
Size and density sorting of metal and silicate grains under microgravity conditions and the origin of chondritesGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2003
The origin of chondrites: Metal-silicate separation experiments under microgravity conditions - IIGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2003
Metal size distributions in EH and EL chondritesGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2003
Early analysis of Fe/Sl meteorites in order to determine a connection with asteroids.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2003
Investigation of biological, chemical and physical processes on and in planetary surfaces by laboratory simulationPlanetary and Space ScienceJournal Article2002
Gro95502 and MET 96500: New highly unequilibrated ordinary chondrites.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
Simulation of the weathering processes on Mars.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
Size sorting and metal-silicate fractionation in enstatite chondrites.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
NWA505: A new LL3.0 chondrite with evidence for chondrule formation in a dust-rich environment.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
Petrologic classifications of type 3 ordinary chondrites and a CO chondrite from the sahara.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
Properties of chondrules in EL3 chondrites, comparison with EH3 chondrites, and the implications for the formation of enstatite chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2002
Thermoluminescence sensitivity and thermal history of type 3 ordinary chondrites: Eleven new type 3.0-3.1 chondrites and possible explanations for differences among H, L, and LL chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2002
The irradiation history of the Ghubara (L5) regolith breeciaMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2002
Luminescence properties of chert and some archaeological applicationsJournal of Archaeological ScienceJournal Article2001
The induced thermoluminescence and thermal history of plagioclase feldsparsAmerican MineralogistJournal Article2001
Determination of trapping parameters of the high temperature thermoluminescence peak in equilibrated ordinary chondritesRadiation MeasurementsJournal Article2001
The non-trivial problem of meteorite pairingMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2000
The origin of chondrites: Metal-silicate separation experiments under microgravity conditionsMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2000
Evidence for low-temperature growth of fayalite and hedenbergite in MacAlpine Hills 88107, an ungrouped carbonaceous chondrite related to the CM-CO clanMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2000
Terrestrial age measurements using natural thermoluminescence of a drained zone under the fusion crust of Antarctic ordinary chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2000
In situ growth of fayalite and hedenbergite in the ungrouped carbonaceous chondrite MacAlpine Hills 88107.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1999
Thermoluminescence and the thermal history of meteorites.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1999
Accumulation mechanisms and the weathering of Antarctic equilibrated ordinary chondritesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1999
Mossbauer and thermoluminescence studies of meteorites from Frontier Mountain, AntarcticaJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1999
Regolith and megaregolith formation of H-chondrites: Thermal constraints on the parent bodyIcarusJournal Article1998
The Ghubara L5 breccia and its regolith maturity.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1998
The crystalline lunar spherules: Their formation and implications for the origin of meteoritic chondrulesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1998
The metamorphic history of eucrites and eucrite-related meteorites and the case for late metamorphismMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1997
The cooling history and structure of the ordinary chondrite parent bodies.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1997
The Kansas University meteoriteMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1997
The orbits of meteorites from natural thermoluminescenceIcarusJournal Article1997
Constraints on the thermal and mixing history of lunar surface materials and comparisons with basaltic meteoritesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1997
The challenge of remote exploration for extraterrestrial fossil lifeOptical Science, Engineering and Instrumentation 1997Conference Paper1997
Some refractory and volatile element chemistry of CaS in enstatite chondritesScience in China Series D-Earth SciencesJournal Article1996
Galactic cosmic-ray-produced thermoluminescence profiles in meteorites, lunar samples and a terrestrial analogRadiation MeasurementsJournal Article1996
Chondrules: Their diversity and the role of open-system processes during their formationIcarusJournal Article1996
The thermal and radiation exposure history of lunar meteoritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
Rapid changes in the nature of the H chondrites falling to EarthMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
Pyroxene structures, cathodoluminescence and the thermal history of the enstatite chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
The Richfield LL3 chondriteMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .12. The Metamorphic History of Cv-Chondrites and Their ComponentsMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
Metamorphism and Aqueous Alteration in Low Petrographic Type Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
Axtell, a New Cv3 Chondrite Find from TexasMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
The Classification and Complex Thermal History of the Enstatite ChondritesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1995
Chondrule Formation, Metamorphism, Brecciation, an Important New Primary Chondrule Group, and the Classification of ChondrulesEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article1995
NEW COLLECTIONS - NEW FRONTIERSMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
The Orbits of Ordinary Chondrite Meteoroid Bodies Contributing to the Meteoritic FluxMeteoriticsAbstract1995
Chondrules from the Earth and Moon - a ReviewMeteoriticsAbstract1995
Thermal History Tale of 2 Bodies - What Did the Hed Parent Body Have That the Moon DidntMeteoriticsAbstract1995
Formation of Chondrites in a Thick Dynamic RegolithMeteoriticsAbstract1994
Formation of Chondrules in a Thick Dynamic RegolithMeteoriticsAbstract1994
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .7. Ordinary Chondrites from the Elephant Moraine Region, AntarcticaJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1994
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .5. Ordinary Chondrites at the Allan Hills Ice FieldsJournal of Geophysical Research-Solid EarthJournal Article1993
A Recent Meteorite Shower in Antarctica with an Unusual Orbital HistoryEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article1993
Breakup and Structure of an H-Chondrite Parent Body - the H-Chondrite Flux over the Last Million Years.IcarusJournal Article1993
Trends in Cathodoluminescence and Thermoluminescence Properties of FeldsparsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract1993
Roosevelt County 075 - a Petrologic, Chemical and Isotopic Study of the Most Unequilibrated Known H ChondriteMeteoriticsJournal Article1993
2 Chondrule Groups Each with Distinctive Rims in Murchison Recognized by CathodoluminescenceMeteoriticsJournal Article1993
Consortium Study of the Unusual H-Chondrite Regolith Breccia, NoblesvilleMeteoriticsJournal Article1993
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites Vi - C-14, Thermoluminescence and the Terrestrial Ages of MeteoritesMeteoriticsJournal Article1993
Natural Thermoluminescence and Terrestrial Ages of Meteorites from a Variety of Temperature RegimesRadiation Protection DosimetryJournal Article1993
The Breakup of a Meteorite Parent Body and the Delivery of Meteorites to EarthScienceJournal Article1992
A Compositional Classification Scheme for Meteoritic ChondrulesNatureJournal Article1992
Chemical and Physical Studies of Chondrites .10. Cathodoluminescence and Phase-Composition Studies of Metamorphism and Nebular Processes in Chondrules of Type-3 Ordinary ChondritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1992
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .4. Ordinary Chondrites at the Lewis Cliff Ice FieldJournal of Geophysical Research-Solid EarthJournal Article1992
Thermoluminescence Measurements on Meteorites from the Elephant Moraine Region - L6 Showers and Regional Ice MovementsMeteoriticsAbstract1992
Chondrule Rims in Murchison, Cathodoluminescence Evidence for Insitu Formation by Aqueous AlterationMeteoriticsAbstract1992
The Thermal History of Lunar Rocks, Regolith and Lunar Meteorites - Secondary Processing as Viewed by ThermoluminescenceMeteoriticsAbstract1992
The Thermal History of Enstatite ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1992
Thermoluminescence and C-14 of Non-Antarctic Meteorites - Terrestrial Ages of Prairie State FindsMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Thermoluminescence of Meteorites from the Lewis Cliff - Ice Movements, Pairing, Orbit, and Antarctic Non-Antarctic ComparisonsMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Ice Movement, Pairing and Meteorite Showers of Ordinary Chondrites from the Allan HillsMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Related Compositional and Cathodoluminescence Trends in Chondrules from SemarkonaMeteoriticsAbstract1991
A Compositional Classification for ChondrulesMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Volatile Loss during Chondrule FormationMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Natural Thermoluminescence and Anomalous Fading - Terrestrial Age, Transit Times and Perihelia of Lunar MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1991
Evidence for Differences in the Thermal Histories of Antarctic and Non-Antarctic H-Chondrites with Cosmic-Ray Exposure Ages Less-Than 20 MaGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1991
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .3. Lunar and Basaltic MeteoritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1991
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .2. Meteorite Orbits and Orbital EvolutionIcarusJournal Article1991
Thermoluminescence Survey of 12 Meteorites Collected by the European 1988 Antarctic Meteorite Expedition to Allan-Hills and the Importance of Acid Washing for Thermoluminescence Sensitivity MeasurementsMeteoriticsJournal Article1991