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Author: Mehrabi, Hamed

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Acoustic sensing for investigating critical heat flux enhancement during pool boiling on electrodeposited copper foamsApplied Thermal EngineeringJournal Article2024
Characterizing catalyst function and transformations in the plasma reduction of CO2 on atomic layer deposition-synthesized catalystsChemRxivJournal Article2024
Monolithic light concentration by core-shell TiO2 nanostructures templated by monodisperse polymer colloidal monolayersChemRxivJournal Article2023
Electrochemical Control of the Morphology and Functional Properties of Hierarchically Structured, Dendritic Cu SurfacesEnergy TechnologyJournal Article2023
Monolithic light concentration by core-shell TiO2 nanostructures templated by monodisperse polymer colloidal monolayersNanotechnologyJournal Article2023
Modular Solar-to-Fuel Electrolysis at Low Cell Potentials Enabled by Glycerol Electrooxidation and a Bipolar Membrane SeparatorACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2023
Characterizing Sustained Solar-to-Hydrogen Electrocatalysis at Low Cell Potentials Enabled by Crude Glycerol OxidationACS Applied Energy MaterialsJournal Article2022
Electrochemical control of the morphology and functional properties of hierarchically structured, dendritic Cu surfacesChemRxivJournal Article2022
The effects of power ultrasound (24 kHz) on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 on polycrystalline copper electrodesUltrasonics SonochemistryJournal Article2021
Controlled exposure of CuO thin films through corrosion-protecting, ALD-deposited TiO2 overlayersZeitschrift für Naturforschung B-a Journal of Chemical SciencesJournal Article2021
Probe metal binding mode of imine covalent organic frameworks: cycloiridation for (photo)catalytic hydrogen evolution from formateChemical ScienceJournal Article2021
Delineating photothermal and photoexcitation effects in the photoelectrodeposition of cuprous oxide.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2020
Electrooxidation of Glycerol on Self-Organized, Mixed Au-Pt Interfaces Formed on Ni SubstratesJournal of the Electrochemical SocietyJournal Article2020
Enhanced Electrochemical Stability of TiO2-Protected, Al-doped ZnO Transparent Conducting Oxide Synthesized by Atomic Layer DepositionACS Applied Materials and InterfacesJournal Article2018
Enhanced light absorption in simulations of ultra-thin ZnO layers structured by a SiO2 photonic glassCanadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne de ChimieJournal Article2018
The role of surface-wettability in electrochemical reactions involving gas-phase reactants or products.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2017