About Special Collections

Overview and History

The Special Collections Department was created in 1967 to encourage research and writing in the history and culture of Arkansas and the surrounding region. The mission of the department is to acquire, preserve, and provide access to historical manuscripts, archives, maps, photographs, and published materials to support scholarly investigation of the state, its customs and people, and its cultural, physical, and political climate. Special Collections include manuscripts and archives, the Arkansas Collection, rare books and special libraries, photographs, broadsides, and maps. Read more about the collections.

The facilities of Special Collections are open to the public. University of Arkansas faculty and students as well as scholars, journalists, genealogists, community members, and other researchers from throughout the United States and across the world have conducted research in the collections. The results of their work have appeared in theses and dissertations, newspaper articles, scholarly and popular journals and books, exhibits, family and organizational histories, and television and film productions. Read more about doing research in Special Collections.

Location and Directions

Special Collections is located on the basement floor (Level 1) of Mullins Library. View a campus map.

Driving directions to the campus as well as parking information for visitors can be found on our visitors page. The closest public parking are metered spots near the Administration Building or in the Stadium Drive (Arkansas Union) Parking Garage (view a parking map for campus).

Special Collections Staff

Lori Birrell Head, Special Collections Department lbirrell@uark.edu 575-8443
Amy Allen University Archivist ala005@uark.edu 575-6370
Misha Gardner Reading Room Assistant misha@uark.edu 575-8444
MULN 130
Adam Heien Processing Archivist aheien@uark.edu 575-5434
MULN 123
Todd Lewis Lead Processing Archivist telewis@uark.edu 575-4659
MULN 123
Deena Owens Administrative Assistant to the Special Collections Department drowens@uark.edu 575-5577
Heath Robinson University Archives Assistant hjr001@uark.edu 575-8447
MULN 123
Geoffery Stark Special Collections Reading Room Supervisor glstark@uark.edu 575-8444
MULN 130
Catherine Wallack Architectural Records Archivist cwallack@uark.edu 575-7253
MULN 126
Katrina Windon Accessioning and Processing Archivist windon@uark.edu 575-3867
MULN 125
Joshua Youngblood Research and Outreach Services Librarian jcyoungb@uark.edu 575-7251

Special Projects Staff, 2016-2017

  • Ashley Cain (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Jacob Cornett (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Rebecca Davidson (Reading Room Assistant)
  • Drake Fitzgerald (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Christopher Galindo (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Sarah Green (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Joey Jekel (Reading Room Assistant)
  • Vallee Jines(Manuscripts Processor)
  • Jane Justus (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Ana Owens (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Xavier Rettus (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Angel Sigears (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Angela Tran (Manuscripts Processor)
  • Emiley Tripplet (Manuscripts Processor)

Volunteers provide a valuable service, allowing regular staff members to dedicate their time to other projects. Special Collections Volunteer Policy

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