Fay Jones Collection
Bella Vista Village -- Country Club
PMT perspective drawing
(Fay Jones Studio)
Project Details for Bella Vista Village -- Country Club

Date: 1966 - 1968, 1972

Built? Yes

Type of Project: Country Club, Proshop; Caddie House and Cart Shed, and Terrace Grill Addition

Location: Bella Vista,  AR

Notes: Bella Vista Village is a Cooper Communities Development. The addition of the Caddie House and Shed and the Terrace Grilll (1972) is an informal space in the underside of the clubhouse.

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Materials in Special Collections:

  • project files
  • 513 drawings, including:
    • sketches
    • presentation drawings
    • specifications and agreements
    • construction documents
    • blueprints
  • 104 slides
  • photographs
  • PMTS (photomechanical transfers)
  • awards books
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