Guidelines for Retiring Faculty On Donating Materials to the University Libraries

The University Libraries are expanding the archival program to better document the history of the University of Arkansas. We seek to collect manuscripts, research files, office files, personal materials and books compiled by University of Arkansas Faculty members. Your collections have the potential to provide valuable information for future researchers on both your personal research topics and the history of the University of Arkansas.

Donation is simple, and a professional librarian or archivist is available to help you. Contact information can be found below. Materials do not need to be re-organized before donation. Simply retain the order that the materials are currently in, and an archivist will do the arranging.


Books will be assessed by a subject selector librarian to determine if they are desired for general circulation. If you have books you would like to donate to the library, please contact:

Mary Gilbertson, Head of Acquisitions


The Special Collections division of the library collects personal and professional papers. Professional papers include files which relate to research you have conducted and official duties you have performed during your employment at the U of A.

Please consult with an archivist before and during this process. The University Archivist is available to assist with selection of appropriate materials, proper packing techniques, and transfer of materials.

Contact information:
Amy Allen, University Archivist

1. Identify materials to transfer to the Archives

Materials of interest include but are not limited to:

Because of broad variations in personal papers, it is advisable to consult with the University Archivist to determine how your own files relate to these guidelines. Additional information on University of Arkansas related materials

2. Sign Deed of Gift

A Deed of Gift will be prepared for your signature. A Deed of Gift is a simple contract transferring the ownership of the papers from the faculty member to the University Libraries. This document gives the University Libraries the authority to preserve and provide access to your materials according to standard archival principles.

For departmental staff members mediating donations of papers and files of deceased faculty members

An archivist needs to speak directly with the donor/ family member. Please either refer the donor directly to the University Archivist or obtain a valid phone number for the donor. The Special Collections division will create a Deed of Gift to be signed by the donor as part of the acquisition process.
The Special Collections division seeks materials related to its collection scope. The University Archivist is available to help the donor in selection of appropriate material.

Contact Information:
Amy Allen, University Archivist