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The following items are manuscript collections related to the University of Arkansas. Manuscript collections can include official files from offices and administrators on campus or papers from faculty members, campus organizations or alumni. Manuscripts are grouped according to the university unit which they relate to. To find out more about a collection, follow the link to the finding aid, which gives detailed information about the contents of each collection.

Manuscript collections can be viewed in the Reading Room of Special Collections located on the first floor of Mullins Library. Please contact Special Collections in advance at to ensure availability of collections.

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1.00 University of Arkansas General

1.01 General

TitleCollection Number
Arkansas Industrial University AnnouncementMC 762Finding Aid
Award of MeritMC 766Finding Aid
Campus Photographs, University of ArkansasMC 1157Finding Aid
Campus Photographs, University of ArkansasMC 1403Finding Aid
Chicago Defender AwardMC 765Finding Aid
Class Prophecy, 1876MC 740Finding Aid
Land Grant Centennial MaterialsMC 2218.UAFinding Aid
Simonds ReminiscencesMC 738Finding Aid
Student Activities Ticket and PhotographMC 763Finding Aid
Student Army Training Corps MaterialsMC 265Finding Aid
University Infirmary AssociationUn3Finding Aid
University of Arkansas News ClippingsMC 2220.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Photograph CollectionMC 2472.UA.001Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Photograph CollectionMC 2472.UA.003Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1605Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Student PhotographsMC 2633.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas VideosMC 2230.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Women Faculty MaterialsMC 1842Finding Aid
W. J. Waggener LetterMC 737Finding Aid
Washington County Historical Society CollectionMC 1368Finding Aid

1.02 Publications and Published Materials

TitleCollection Number
Ethel C. Simpson CollectionMC 1107Finding Aid
Hank Hancock Razorback SketchMC 1488Finding Aid
John Hugh ReynoldsR33Finding Aid
Robert A. Leflar PapersMC 206Finding Aid
Student NewspapersMS St94Finding Aid
William Simeon Campbell Photograph Albums and PapersMC 1427Finding Aid

1.03 Public Events

TitleCollection Number
Pig Parade ScriptMC 743Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Sesquicentennial Time CapsuleMC 2552.UAFinding Aid

1.04 Buildings and Grounds

TitleCollection Number
Fayetteville Perennial Garden Club RecordsMC 823Finding Aid
Fine Arts Center 50th Anniversary MaterialsMC 1627Finding Aid
Marion G. Pope Photograph AlbumMC 1430Finding Aid
Milton P. Boyd PapersMC 1124Finding Aid
Mock Family PhotographsMC 1148Finding Aid
Old Main LetterMC 764Finding Aid
Opal Anita Woolf Perryman Scrapbook PagesMC 2549Finding Aid
Troy H. Poe CollectionMS 612Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Fine Arts Center MaterialsMC 2171.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Old Main Rededication MaterialsMC 2203.UAFinding Aid

2.00 Administrators and Governing Bodies

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Chemistry and Biochemistry Department RecordsMC 2021.UAFinding Aid

2.01 Board of Trustees

TitleCollection Number
Board of Trustees, Branch Normal College RecordsMC 1921.UAFinding Aid
Fontaine Richard Earle LettersMC 192Finding Aid
Fontaine Richard Earle PapersMC 68Finding Aid
Herbert L. Thomas PapersMC 249Finding Aid
Herbert L. Thomas PapersMC 437Finding Aid
James Mitchell LetterMC 1476Finding Aid
John Gails Ragsdale PapersMC 1329Finding Aid
Reagan Family PapersMC 755Finding Aid
Robert A. and Vivian Young PapersMC 789Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Board of Trustees RecordsMC 14Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Division of Information Services RecordsMC 496Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Reports of Board of Trustees and PresidentMC 2586.UAFinding Aid

2.02 President's Office

TitleCollection Number
Arthur M. Harding PapersMC 531Finding Aid
Arthur M. Harding Papers AddendumMC 531aFinding Aid
David W. Mullins PapersMC 1116Finding Aid
Futrall Family PapersMC 543Finding Aid
Henry Hartzog LetterMC 1557Finding Aid
Henry Simms HartzogMC 604Finding Aid
Hugh Park LettersMC 446Finding Aid
J. William FulbrightMS F956144DFinding Aid
James Powell Anderson PapersMS 357Finding Aid
John Clinton Futrall PapersMC 228Finding Aid
Thomas Andrew Futrall Academic PapersF98Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Centennial RecordsMC 2678.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Office of the President RecordsMC 59Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Office of the President: Charles E. Bishop SpeechesAC 378Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Office of the President: James E. Martin SpeechesAC 425Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid

2.03 Chancellor's Office

TitleCollection Number
G. David Gearhart PapersMC 1800Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Accreditation RecordsAC 747Finding Aid

2.04 Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Provost Office RecordsMC 2114.UAFinding Aid
VP Academic Affairs, 1961-1974 (AC 211)AC 211/250Finding Aid
VP Academic Affairs, 1962-1974AC 246Finding Aid

2.04.03 Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

TitleCollection Number
VP Student Affairs, 1959-1962 (AC 154)MC 154Finding Aid

2.04.06 Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Survey Research CenterMC 2108.UAFinding Aid

2.06 Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Office of the Business Manager, University Property AppraisalsAC 81Finding Aid

2.11 Other University Administrators

TitleCollection Number
Office of the Vice-President for Health SciencesMC 74Finding Aid

2.12 University Senate

TitleCollection Number
U of A University Senate RecordsMC 85Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid

2.12.02 Committees

TitleCollection Number
University Senate Library CommitteeAC 31Finding Aid
University of Arkansas University Senate Commencement Committee RecordsMC 60Finding Aid

2.13 Faculty Senate

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Faculty Senate Committees RecordsMC 2201.UAFinding Aid

2.13.02 Committees

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Athletics CommitteeMC 2444.UAFinding Aid

2.15 Student Government

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Associated Student Government RecordsAC 338Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Associated Student Government RecordsMC 532Finding Aid

2.16 Other Governing Bodies

TitleCollection Number
U of A Campus Governance RecordsMC 2110.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Campus Governance RecordsMC 2565.UAFinding Aid

3.00 Administrative Units

3.04 Arkansas Union and University Housing

TitleCollection Number
Residents' Interhall CongressMC 2004.UAFinding Aid

3.07 Business Affairs

TitleCollection Number
Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs RecordsMC 2001.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Printing Services RecordsMC 2133.UAFinding Aid

3.18 Division of Information Services

TitleCollection Number
Arkansas University. Division of Information Services. Newspaper clippings 1962.MC 63Finding Aid
Bob and Patty Besom CollectionMC 1758Finding Aid
Division of Information ServicesAC 752Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Division of Information RecordsMC 2166.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Division of Information ScrapbooksMC 260Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Division of Information ServicesMC 496Finding Aid
University of Arkansas ScrapbooksMC 2281.UAFinding Aid
William "Bill" Wauters Hughes PapersMC 1573Finding Aid

3.20 Facilities Management

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Coordinator of New Construction MaterialsMC 136Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid

3.30 Multicultural Center

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Black Alumni Society and Multicultural Center RecordsMC 2112.UAFinding Aid

3.39 ROTC

TitleCollection Number
Lt. Col. James A. Dutcher, Jr. PapersMC 2537Finding Aid

3.54 University Relations

TitleCollection Number
Donald Schaefer PapersMC 2380.001Finding Aid
University Relations RecordsMC 1302.002Finding Aid
University of Arkansas University Relations RecordsMC 1864Finding Aid

3.56 Wally Cordes Teaching & Faculty Support Center

TitleCollection Number
Teaching and Faculty Support Center RecordsMC 2028.UAFinding Aid

3.58 University Housing

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Dormitory ScrapbooksMC 1761Finding Aid

4.00 Academic Units

4.01 College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

4.01.01 Office of the Dean

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, Panama-Arkansas Mission MaterialsMC 2031.UAFinding Aid

4.01.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
College of Agriculture Honors ThesesMC 1995.UAFinding Aid
College of Agriculture RecordsMC 2195.UAFinding Aid
Cramer, Gail Latimer PapersMC 2598Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department RecordsAC 428Finding Aid
University of Arkansas College of Agriculture Audiovisual CollectionMC 2481.UAFinding Aid

4.01.05 Public Events

TitleCollection Number
Case of the Missing ProfessorMC 742Finding Aid

4.01.11 Entomology

TitleCollection Number
Personal Journal of a Clod-Kicking Entomologist by Charles LincolnMC 1285Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Entomology Department RecordsMC 2269.UAFinding Aid
William J. BaergMC 953Finding Aid

4.01.12 Food Science

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Food Science Department RecordsMC 2583.UAFinding Aid

4.01.13 Horticulture

TitleCollection Number
Gerald L. Klingaman PapersMC 2548.001Finding Aid
Joseph E. Vaile PapersMC 1588Finding Aid
Victor M. Watts PapersMC 1223Finding Aid

4.01.14 Plant Pathology

TitleCollection Number
Dwight Moore PapersMC 593Finding Aid
George Templeton Research FilesMC 1404Finding Aid
TeBeest, David O. PapersMC 2046Finding Aid

4.01.15 Poultry Science

TitleCollection Number
Chicken-of-Tomorrow Contest PapersMC 580Finding Aid

4.01.16 School of Human Environmental Sciences; Home Economics General Human Environmental Sciences
TitleCollection Number
Nutrition Research PapersMC 2315Finding Aid Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology
TitleCollection Number
Donald Voth PapersMC 1264Finding Aid
Frank L. Farmer PapersMC 2047Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Arkansas Rural Areas Social and Economic Data SurveysMS Ar4ag 375Finding Aid
William Bonner PapersMC 2023Finding Aid

4.01.18 Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service RecordsMC 266Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service RecordsMC 1145Finding Aid

4.01.19 Division of Agriculture

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture RecordsMC 2196.UAFinding Aid

4.01.21 Arkansas Water Resources Center

TitleCollection Number
Arkansas Water Resources Center RecordsMC 2642.UAFinding Aid

4.02 School of Architecture

4.02.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Katherine Rinne PapersMC 1277Finding Aid

4.02.06 Architecture Department

TitleCollection Number
Cyrus A. Sutherland PapersMC 1496Finding Aid

4.03 College of Arts and Sciences

4.03.01 Office of the Dean

TitleCollection Number
Arts and Sciences, Dean, 1945-1967AC 168Finding Aid
Guerdon David Nichols Papers AddendumMC 1370aFinding Aid
Guerdon Nichols CollectionMC 1370Finding Aid
University of Arkansas College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean RecordsMC 158Finding Aid

4.03.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
KUAF National Public Radio RecordsMC 2079.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Fine Arts Center MaterialsMC 2171.UAFinding Aid

4.03.06 Anthropology

TitleCollection Number
Allen McCartney PapersMC 1506Finding Aid
Anthropology Department RecordsMC 2234.UAFinding Aid
Jerome Carl Rose PapersMC 2374Finding Aid

4.03.07 Art

TitleCollection Number
Edgar A. AlbinMC 623Finding Aid
Notes of Art Department Faculty and HistoryMC 1377Finding Aid

4.03.08 Biological Sciences

TitleCollection Number
Douglas A. James PapersMC 2546Finding Aid
Kimberly G. Smith PapersMC 2348Finding Aid
Lewis M. Turner PapersMC 1132Finding Aid

4.03.09 Chemistry & Biochemistry

TitleCollection Number
Allan Sparrow Humphreys ScrapbooksMS H88Finding Aid
Harrison Hale PapersMC 1460Finding Aid
Lothar Schafer CollectionMC 1378Finding Aid
Robert E. Gawley PapersMC 1978.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Chemistry and Biochemistry Department RecordsMC 2021.UAFinding Aid

4.03.11 Drama, Speech and Dramatic Art

TitleCollection Number
A. Cleveland Harrison PapersMC 1869Finding Aid
Andrew Gibbs PapersMC 2027Finding Aid
Baker/Eubanks PapersMC 19Finding Aid
George R. Kernodle ScrapbooksMC 840Finding Aid
George and Portia Kernodle papersMC 940Finding Aid
Kent Brown PapersMC 475Finding Aid
M. Blair Hart PapersMC 913Finding Aid
Preston Magruder MaterialsMC 1551Finding Aid
Virgil Lyle Baker PapersMC 702Finding Aid

4.03.12 English

TitleCollection Number
Ben Kimpel PapersMC 497Finding Aid
Brian Wilkie PapersMC 2340Finding Aid
Dorsey D. JonesMC 523Finding Aid
Ida Pace Purdue ScrapbooksMS P972aFinding Aid
J.W. Carr LetterMC 1694Finding Aid
Jobelle Holcombe LetterMC 887Finding Aid
Robert Cochran Collection, Vance Randolph Research MaterialsMC 818Finding Aid
William Neal Harrison PapersMC 487Finding Aid

4.03.14 Geosciences

TitleCollection Number
Albert Homer Purdue PapersMC 214Finding Aid
Geology Club MaterialsMC 1983Finding Aid
Orland O. Maxfield PapersMC 1540Finding Aid

4.03.15 History

TitleCollection Number
James J. Hudson PapersMC 1118Finding Aid
James S. Chase History Department CollectionMC 1405Finding Aid
Nudie Williams PapersMC 1749Finding Aid
Reynolds/ Thomas Research PapersMC 770Finding Aid
Timothy P. Donovan PapersMC 1443Finding Aid
University of Arkansas History and Political Science Department RecordsMC 2568.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Report on the Doctoral Program in HistoryMC 231Finding Aid
W. David Baird Research FilesMC 1385Finding Aid
Walter Lee Brown CollectionMC 1200Finding Aid

4.03.16 Journalism

TitleCollection Number
Adrian L. White CorrespondenceMC 1185Finding Aid
Dale Carpenter PapersMC 2391Finding Aid
Ernie Deane PapersMC 1181Finding Aid
Walter John Lemke LettersMC 1478Finding Aid
Walter John Lemke PapersMS L541Finding Aid

4.03.17 Mathematical Sciences; Mathematics

TitleCollection Number
Gray Family MaterialsMC 1618Finding Aid
Jewell Hughes Bushey PapersMC 1064Finding Aid

4.03.18 Music

TitleCollection Number
"Ear Training" (music manuscript)MC 768Finding Aid
Bands RecordsMC 2002.UAFinding Aid
Barbara G. Jackson CollectionMC 771aFinding Aid
Catherine McHugh PapersMC 1434Finding Aid
Eddie W. Jones PapersMC 2026Finding Aid
Jim Greeson CollectionMC 842Finding Aid
Razorback Band Research FilesMC 1570Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Department of Music ProgramsMS Ar48 300DFinding Aid

4.03.19 Philosophy

TitleCollection Number
Harold D. Hantz CollectionMC 1039Finding Aid

4.03.20 Physics

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Department of Physics Centennial Celebration RecordsMC 2095.UAFinding Aid

4.03.21 Political Science

TitleCollection Number
Diane D. Blair PapersMC 1632Finding Aid
Henry MacMillan Alexander Research FilesMS AL1Finding Aid
Kenneth O. Warner PapersMC 720Finding Aid
Robert L. Savage PapersMC 1526Finding Aid

4.03.22 Psychological Science

TitleCollection Number
History of PsychologyMC 748Finding Aid
Walter John Schuldt PapersMC 2309Finding Aid

4.03.23 Zoology

TitleCollection Number
Samuel C. Dellinger PaperMC 977Finding Aid
Samuel C. Dellinger PapersMC 204Finding Aid
Samuel C. Dellinger Papers, AddendumMC 1425Finding Aid

4.03.24 School of Social Work

TitleCollection Number
William Bonner PapersMC 2023Finding Aid

4.03.25 Sociology and Criminal Justice

TitleCollection Number
Black Studies ProgramMC 1171Finding Aid
Elaine McNeil PapersMC 1641Finding Aid
Gordon Morgan PapersMC 1844Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Sociology Department RecordsMC 75Finding Aid

4.03.42 Asian Studies

TitleCollection Number
Asian Studies RecordsMC 2445.UAFinding Aid

4.04 College of Business

4.04.02 Other College Administrators

TitleCollection Number
College of Business, Office of the Senior Associate DeanMC 1879.UAFinding Aid

4.04.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Arkansas Household Research Panel RecordsMC 2561.UAFinding Aid
Orville Hall PapersMC 1505Finding Aid

4.04.07 Economics

TitleCollection Number
Jenkins ManuscriptMC 58Finding Aid

4.04.08 Finance

TitleCollection Number
Harold Dulan PapersMC 1485Finding Aid

4.04.11 Marketing & Logistics

TitleCollection Number
George E. Kiser PapersMC 1634Finding Aid

4.04.17 Bessie Boehm Moore Center for Economic Education

TitleCollection Number
Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic EducationMC 2280.UAFinding Aid

4.06 College of Education and Health Professions

4.06.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
College of Education Faculty RecordsMC 130Finding Aid
College of Education Records, 1930-1932MC 163Finding Aid
Irene Bird ScrapbookMC 1149Finding Aid

4.06.06 Curriculum and Instruction

TitleCollection Number
Rudyard Kipling Bent PapersMC 1068Finding Aid

4.06.10 The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing

TitleCollection Number
Arkansas League for Nursing RecordsMC 941Finding Aid

4.07 College of Engineering

4.07.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Leroy W. Browne PhotographsMC 804Finding Aid

4.07.15 Mack-Blackwell National Rural Transportation Study Center

TitleCollection Number
Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center RecordsMC 1999.UAFinding Aid

4.08 Graduate School

4.08.02 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Graduate School and Internation Education RecordsMC 2009.UAFinding Aid

4.09 School of Law

TitleCollection Number
Marcia McIvor PapersMC 1511Finding Aid

4.10 Honors College

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Honors College MaterialsMC 1953Finding Aid

4.10.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Harold D. Hantz Collection, University of Arkansas Honors ProgramMC 1365Finding Aid

4.11 University Libraries

4.11.01 Office of the Dean

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Director of Libraries RecordsMC 399Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Library Director Building Dedication RecordsMC 84aFinding Aid

4.11.04 General Records

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Library Floor PlansMC 82Finding Aid
University of Arkansas RecordsMC 1606Finding Aid
Upchurch Family PapersMC 197Finding Aid

5.00 Athletics

5.02 Other Administrators

TitleCollection Number
Athletic Department, Women's Athletic DirectorMC 1880.UAFinding Aid
Beverly Rouse Lewis PapersMC 2007Finding Aid

5.06 Photographs

TitleCollection Number
University of Arkansas Athletic PhotographsMC 589Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Baseball PhotographsMC 1437Finding Aid

5.08 Video

TitleCollection Number
Tribute to Coach Frank BroylesMC 1089Finding Aid

6.00 Organizations

6.01 Alumni Organizations

TitleCollection Number
Andrew Lucas MaterialsMC 2052.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Alumni Association MaterialsMC 1979.UAFinding Aid
University of Arkansas Black Alumni Society and Multicultural Center RecordsMC 2112.UAFinding Aid

6.02 Faculty Organizations

TitleCollection Number
E. Philip Trapp CollectionMC 1038Finding Aid
University Club RecordsMC 147Finding Aid

6.04 Honor and Professional Organizations

TitleCollection Number
Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Sigma Chapter RecordsMC 1165Finding Aid
Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Chapter RecordsMC 2686.UAFinding Aid
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Iota Chapter RecordsMC 575Finding Aid
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Iota Chapter Records, AddendumMC 575aFinding Aid
James S. Chase History Department CollectionMC 1405Finding Aid
Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Beta Chapter MaterialsMC 173Finding Aid
Sigma Alpha Iota RecordsMC 1574Finding Aid
Sigma Delta Chi VideotapeMC 937Finding Aid
Sigma Xi, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville ChapterMC 2660Finding Aid
Skull and Torch RecordsMC 536Finding Aid
Society of Sigma Xi RecordsMC 929Finding Aid

6.05 Student Organizations

TitleCollection Number
Agape, UA Christian Journalists PublicationMC 2270.UAFinding Aid
Arkansas CommitteeMC 1250Finding Aid
Black American for Democracy MaterialsMC 1915.UAFinding Aid
German Club CertificateMC 767Finding Aid
Judo Club MaterialsMC 309Finding Aid
Mortar Board Alumnae ClubMC 1033Finding Aid
National Collegiate Association for Secretaries Records (University of Arkansas Chapter)MC 914Finding Aid
Organized Independent Women ScrapbooksMS Or 14Finding Aid
PRIDE and Friends RecordsMC 2442.UAFinding Aid
University Dames ScrapbookMS Un1Finding Aid
University of Arkansas 4-H House MaterialsMC 1693Finding Aid
Young Women's Christian Association ScrapbookMS Yo88Finding Aid

6.06 Greek Life

TitleCollection Number
Chi Omega, Psi Chapter Records and Heritage Pilgrimage RecordsMC 426Finding Aid
Delta Delta Delta (Delta Iota Chapter) PapersMC 551Finding Aid
Delta Delta Delta Composite PhotographMC 2649.UAFinding Aid
Delta Delta Delta RecordsMC 551aFinding Aid
Herbert Bradley Martin Family PapersMC 963Finding Aid
Kappa Alpha Dance ProgramMC 1312Finding Aid
Moss ScrapbooksMC 761Finding Aid
Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Chapter of Arkansas. RecordsMC 1306Finding Aid
Sigma Nu Photograph AlbumMC 1743Finding Aid
Sigma Nu ScrapbookMC 1743aFinding Aid

7.00 Alumni

TitleCollection Number
Alice E. Lincoln ScrapbookMC 615Finding Aid
Annie Tillman Report CardsMC 1317Finding Aid
Bess Wolf Romans CollectionMC 1382Finding Aid
Bettie Barnes Messner University of Arkansas MemorabiliaMC 2440Finding Aid
Cecil Shane PapersMC 1331Finding Aid
Cornelia Howard University of Arkansas MemorabiliaMC 2126.UAFinding Aid
Cornelius Decalion Woolverton Documents Pertaining to Student Life, Arkansas Industrial UniversityMS W88Finding Aid
D. Edward Dodson DiplomaMC 835Finding Aid
Damon Marie Watson PapersMC 1052Finding Aid
Daphne Dailey PapersMC 731Finding Aid
David Lyon Student Activism MaterialsMC 1703Finding Aid
David Russell Boatright ScrapbookMC 928Finding Aid
Elizabeth Bassett Williams PapersMC 559Finding Aid
Eloise Farris BaergMC 1322Finding Aid
Emma Byrnes Barnes PapersMC 1112Finding Aid
Etna McGaugh Atkinson PapersMC 707Finding Aid
Fannie Kelton ScrapbookMC 1424Finding Aid
Frances Barton Nutt and Carnall Hall Alumnae PapersMC 1637aFinding Aid
Frances Snedecor Vestal ScrapbooksMC 1362Finding Aid
Frederick Lee Liebolt PapersMC 1369Finding Aid
Frieda Ann Jones ScrapbookMC 1855Finding Aid
George W. Streepey PhotographsMC 1104Finding Aid
Glaphyra Wilkerson Stafford ScrapbookMC 905Finding Aid
Holman Richmond PapersMC 27Finding Aid
Holmon Richmond, War ScrapbookMC 1218Finding Aid
Ida G. Barr ScrapbookMC 619Finding Aid
J. F. Oakley MemorabiliaMC 1431Finding Aid
James E. Cross ScrapbooksMC 1076Finding Aid
James Henry Dunaway ReceiptsMC 44Finding Aid
James R. Dodson, Jr. PhotographsMC 2379Finding Aid
Jeff Davis PapersMC 718Finding Aid
John Ardis Tyson PhotographsMC 2251Finding Aid
John C. Carroll PapersMC 1659Finding Aid
John D. Henry LettersMC 49Finding Aid
John I. Murphy LetterMC 636Finding Aid
John N. Hutchinson MaterialsMC 1514Finding Aid
Kathleen Candler SchaerMC 1222Finding Aid
Leah Jones Hurt ScrapbookMC 1413Finding Aid
Lilbourn Hays Meriwether LettersMC 1454Finding Aid
Lucille Isabelle Smith PapersMS Sm62 370Finding Aid
M. Graham Black PapersMC 608Finding Aid
Mabel Scurlock Pope Photo AlbumMC 805Finding Aid
Margaret J. Mullen PapersMC 1129Finding Aid
Margaret Renolds, Collector: Alluring ArkansasMC 783Finding Aid
Marjorie Zeglin Towers PapersMC 2032Finding Aid
Marnell Thomsen PapersMC 886Finding Aid
Martha M. Callahan ScrapbookMC 1622Finding Aid
Mary Antoinette Barnett DiplomaMC 1435Finding Aid
Mary Jane HaleyMC 588Finding Aid
Mary Virginia Norris ScrapbookMC 535Finding Aid
Mary Virginia Vincenheller Byroade PapersMC 634Finding Aid
Maximilian Ware CollectionMC 1555Finding Aid
Robert E. Morgan MaterialsMC 2174Finding Aid
Ronnie Caveness PapersMC 2245Finding Aid
Suzanne C. and John B. Jackson UA MemorabiliaMC 2514Finding Aid
University of Arkansas Report Card, Walter AyersMC 745Finding Aid
W. P. Booth PapersMC 1195Finding Aid
Wanda Izell and Joe S. Joyner PapersMC 1205Finding Aid
William Duncan Autograph BookMC 2066.UAFinding Aid
William Jefferson Hamilton Daybook and MemoirsMS H21Finding Aid
William Johnson Barton NotebookMC 32Finding Aid
Willie Oates PapersMC 732Finding Aid
Winston L. Winters PapersMC 1304Finding Aid
Woods-Hon ScrapbooksMC 1402Finding Aid
Zillah Cross Peel CollectionMS P344 407Finding Aid