Educational Posters Available from Special Collections

Two series of five posters each have been developed by the Special Collections Department of the University of Arkansas Libraries for use by junior high school teachers in teaching Arkansas history. Each poster features photos and biographical sketches of leading figures in Arkansas history.

The back of each poster provides a lesson plan (including classroom teaching strategies and assessment tools) and instructional aids (supplementary reading lists, glossaries of terms, and timelines for historical context).

Either or both sets of posters will be sent free of charge to any Arkansas teacher or school administrator who requests them. The general public may obtain a set of the posters for $25 per set, shipping included.

The first series features five selected "Amazing African American Leaders." They are Charlotte Stephens of Little Rock, who became Arkansas's first black teacher in 1868 and went on to a teaching career of 70 years; Joseph C. Corbin, founder and long-time president of Branch Normal College in Pine Bluff, today known as the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff; Scott Bond, a prominent farmer and businessman from eastern Arkansas who was known as the "Black Rockefeller of Arkansas;" Silas Hunt, World War II veteran who integrated the University of Arkansas Law School in 1948; and Daisy Bates, NAACP leader who led the integration of Little Rock Central High School in 1957.

The second series features five selected "Amazing Women Leaders of Arkansas." They are Senator Hattie Caraway, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate; Louise Thaden, record-setting early aviator; Florence Price, premier African-American female composer and music teacher; Charlie May Simon, writer of note and namesake for the Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award; and Hazel

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