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The following items are manuscript collections donated by faculty members of the University of Arkansas. Collections are grouped according to the university department which they relate to. To find out more about a collection, follow the link to the finding aid, which gives detailed information about the contents of each collection.

All collections are part of the holdings of Special Collections and can also be found on the Manuscripts A to Z page listing all collections open for research in Special Collections. Manuscript collections can be viewed in the Reading Room of Special Collections located on the first floor of Mullins Library. Please contact Special Collections in advance at to ensure availability of collections.

Complete list of university related manuscript collections

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1.00 University of Arkansas General

1.02 Publications and Published Materials

TitleCollection Number
Robert A. Leflar PapersMC 206Finding Aid

2.00 Administrators and Governing Bodies

2.01 Board of Trustees

TitleCollection Number
James Mitchell LetterMC 1476Finding Aid

2.02 President's Office

TitleCollection Number
Arthur M. Harding PapersMC 531Finding Aid

3.00 Administrative Units

3.39 ROTC

TitleCollection Number
Lt. Col. James A. Dutcher, Jr. PapersMC 2537Finding Aid

4.00 Academic Units

4.01 College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

4.01.11 Entomology

TitleCollection Number
Personal Journal of a Clod-Kicking Entomologist by Charles LincolnMC 1285Finding Aid
William J. BaergMC 953Finding Aid

4.01.13 Horticulture

TitleCollection Number
Gerald L. Klingaman PapersMC 2548.001Finding Aid
Victor M. Watts PapersMC 1223Finding Aid

4.01.14 Plant Pathology

TitleCollection Number
Dwight Moore PapersMC 593Finding Aid
George Templeton Research FilesMC 1404Finding Aid
TeBeest, David O. PapersMC 2046Finding Aid

4.01.16 School of Human Environmental Sciences; Home Economics Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology
TitleCollection Number
Donald Voth PapersMC 1264Finding Aid
William Bonner PapersMC 2023Finding Aid

4.02.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Katherine Rinne PapersMC 1277Finding Aid

4.03 College of Arts and Sciences

4.03.06 Anthropology

TitleCollection Number
Allen McCartney PapersMC 1506Finding Aid

4.03.07 Art

TitleCollection Number
Edgar A. AlbinMC 623Finding Aid

4.03.08 Biological Sciences

TitleCollection Number
Douglas A. James PapersMC 2546Finding Aid
Kimberly G. Smith PapersMC 2348Finding Aid
Lewis M. Turner PapersMC 1132Finding Aid

4.03.09 Chemistry & Biochemistry

TitleCollection Number
Harrison Hale PapersMC 1460Finding Aid
Lothar Schafer CollectionMC 1378Finding Aid

4.03.11 Drama, Speech and Dramatic Art

TitleCollection Number
George R. Kernodle ScrapbooksMC 840Finding Aid
Kent Brown PapersMC 475Finding Aid
M. Blair Hart PapersMC 913Finding Aid
Preston Magruder MaterialsMC 1551Finding Aid
Virgil Lyle Baker PapersMC 702Finding Aid

4.03.12 English

TitleCollection Number
Ben Kimpel PapersMC 497Finding Aid
Dorsey D. JonesMC 523Finding Aid
Ida Pace Purdue ScrapbooksMS P972aFinding Aid
Jobelle Holcombe LetterMC 887Finding Aid
Robert Cochran Collection, Vance Randolph Research MaterialsMC 818Finding Aid
William Neal Harrison PapersMC 487Finding Aid

4.03.14 Geosciences

TitleCollection Number
Albert Homer Purdue PapersMC 214Finding Aid
Orland O. Maxfield PapersMC 1540Finding Aid

4.03.15 History

TitleCollection Number
James J. Hudson PapersMC 1118Finding Aid
Nudie Williams PapersMC 1749Finding Aid
Reynolds/ Thomas Research PapersMC 770Finding Aid
Timothy P. Donovan PapersMC 1443Finding Aid
W. David Baird Research FilesMC 1385Finding Aid
Walter Lee Brown CollectionMC 1200Finding Aid

4.03.16 Journalism

TitleCollection Number
Walter John Lemke LettersMC 1478Finding Aid
Walter John Lemke PapersMS L541Finding Aid

4.03.18 Music

TitleCollection Number
Barbara G. Jackson CollectionMC 771aFinding Aid
Catherine McHugh PapersMC 1434Finding Aid
Eddie W. Jones PapersMC 2026Finding Aid
Jim Greeson CollectionMC 842Finding Aid

4.03.19 Philosophy

TitleCollection Number
Harold D. Hantz CollectionMC 1039Finding Aid

4.03.21 Political Science

TitleCollection Number
Diane D. Blair PapersMC 1632Finding Aid
Kenneth O. Warner PapersMC 720Finding Aid
Robert L. Savage PapersMC 1526Finding Aid

4.03.22 Psychological Science

TitleCollection Number
Walter John Schuldt PapersMC 2309Finding Aid

4.03.23 Zoology

TitleCollection Number
Samuel C. Dellinger PapersMC 204Finding Aid
Samuel C. Dellinger Papers, AddendumMC 1425Finding Aid

4.03.24 School of Social Work

TitleCollection Number
William Bonner PapersMC 2023Finding Aid

4.03.25 Sociology and Criminal Justice

TitleCollection Number
Elaine McNeil PapersMC 1641Finding Aid
Gordon Morgan PapersMC 1844Finding Aid

4.04 College of Business

4.04.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Orville Hall PapersMC 1505Finding Aid

4.04.08 Finance

TitleCollection Number
Harold Dulan PapersMC 1485Finding Aid

4.04.11 Marketing & Logistics

TitleCollection Number
George E. Kiser PapersMC 1634Finding Aid

4.06 College of Education and Health Professions

4.06.03 General Records

TitleCollection Number
Irene Bird ScrapbookMC 1149Finding Aid

5.00 Athletics

5.02 Other Administrators

TitleCollection Number
Athletic Department, Women's Athletic DirectorMC 1880.UAFinding Aid
Beverly Rouse Lewis PapersMC 2007Finding Aid